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You're Like Heroin To Me
Guns & Roses slash fic by slashsgirl

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   Something New
981 hits/13 reads
5 Reviews
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I'm republishing this with new chapters added on. Slash is bored one night, Izzy suggests something that Slash never considered.
Published 08/26/14 | 5978 words | Slash | Adult
2 -   The Next Morning
406 hits/12 reads
1 Review
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Izzy wakes Slash up... Short chapter!
Published 08/26/14 | 658 words | Slash | Adult
3 -   The Second Night
525 hits/10 reads
3 Reviews
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A short interlude of sweetness after which Izzy comes home to find Slash sniffling on the couch and he just wants to make him feel better!
Published 08/26/14 | 6082 words | Slash | Adult
4 -   Sex on the Road
482 hits/13 reads
2 Reviews
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Pretty much what it sounds like!
Published 08/26/14 | 1865 words | Slash | Adult
5 -   Darkness Inside and Life Begins Again
446 hits/8 reads
3 Reviews
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Slash asks Izzy about what happened with Nikki Sixx and finds out way more than he bargained for.
Published 08/27/14 | 3394 words | Slash | Adult
6 -   This is What it Means to be Loved
391 hits/10 reads
3 Reviews
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Izzy figures out what love really means.
Published 08/29/14 | 1097 words | Slash | Adult
7 -   Waking up in Love
502 hits/11 reads
2 Reviews
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Waking up to the one you love is a thing to be treasured; and celebrated.
Published 09/01/14 | 2256 words | Slash | Adult

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Oh, i loved watching drunk Steve embarrassing himself- stumbling and mumbling...cause it's the cutest thing ever. I nearly died! Letting those feelings get out...not sure if it's good for him or not, he's now more vulnerable than ever and i hope the kiss was a good sign! Loved this chapter. —cjh9591, for NeennE's First Kiss
It had to be that, right? Now Trevor knows... What is he going to do about it? I'm sure he's going to think Mike is joking around! —Riguel*2000, for MotleyCrueMetallica's Pink Cigarette
'Nikki is turning into a human being'line killed me. —Gayana, for sgSixx's A Little Soul Swap

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