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Where There is a Flame Someone's Bound to Get Burned
Guns & Roses slash fic by slashsgirl

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   Pneumonia
251 hits/8 reads
1 Review
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Continuation of "A Brick Wall and an Angry Redhead" Axl's plan to break up Slash and Izzy goes into action; but not in the first chapter!
Published 10/28/14 | 3771 words | Slash | Adult
2 -   The sex happens now
263 hits/6 reads
1 Review
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Izzy's feeling better
Published 11/06/14 | 3263 words | Slash | Adult
3 -   The Bomb
176 hits/5 reads
2 Reviews
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Axl finds a way to blow up Izzy and Slash's relationship; and then the world goes black.
Published 11/13/14 | 751 words | Slash | Adult
4 -   Concussions
152 hits/4 reads
1 Review
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Duff gets both sides of the story
Published 11/14/14 | 1362 words | Slash | Adult
5 -   Fade to Black
149 hits/6 reads
2 Reviews
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Izzy tries to deal with his pain
Published 11/14/14 | 1346 words | Slash | Adult
6 -   Indifference
155 hits/6 reads
2 Reviews
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Slash becomes indifferent to life
Published 11/14/14 | 3919 words | Slash | Adult
7 -   Dying To Feel Dead
150 hits/6 reads
2 Reviews
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The quest to feel nothing commences
Published 11/15/14 | 1489 words | Slash | Adult
8 -   A Snowy Chemical Wasteland
153 hits/6 reads
2 Reviews
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Slash reflects on the frozen state of his heart.
Published 11/15/14 | 991 words | Slash | Adult

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Duff is a frigging saint! But I really did like this story! Got me frustrated and giggly and sad.. well done! —CrazyInBC, for Riguel*2000's SNAFU (Situation Normal All F@*ked Up)
Not below the bell? That relationship won't work i'm telling ya (kidding) Too bad the story had to end :( What it's your other story about? —anonima, for Riguel*2000's SNAFU (Situation Normal All F@*ked Up)
My poor Duffy :( —CrazyInBC, for Riguel*2000's SNAFU (Situation Normal All F@*ked Up)

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