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Metallica slash fic by Arialle

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters at all. They are wonderful, amazing people. Everything I write is strictly fiction and none of it is written with intent to harm anyone.

Notes: Idea that came out of nowhere results in a story that comes out of nowhere. <3 Hope you like.
He ran his palm up a quivering thigh and squeezed, enjoying the soft moan that escaped. “Ready?” A small nod was his only response. He smirked.

He secured the gag in place, running his hands along the line of the band. “Not too tight?” Another shake of the head. “Good.”

He held up the last piece of silk that he was going to use for his torture. He smirked again. “You remember the orders?” Another nod. “You know what will happen if you don’t obey.” A faster nod. He licked his lips. “Perfect.” He let the silk pool in the center of his chest in a small pile and sat back to survey his work.

It had taken a lot of coaxing and pleading to get them here. Lars, who was so convinced that he was undesirable now that they were older hadn’t wanted to play games anymore. James stretched and pulled off his shirt. He had promised no pain tonight. He had agreed. On one condition.

He glanced back at Lars on the bed, his wrists tied to the headboard, his ankles to the base boards. Spread out for him to feast on. He licked his lips. James walked over to the side of the bed, seeing green eyes follow him. He trailed his fingers down Lars’ arm, watching him shiver as his hand moved to his shoulder and rubbed.

“Everything all right? Not too tight?” Another shake of the head told him that he could move onto the next part of their game. “I know you said not to blindfold you, but you know how bad I am at listening.” James pulled out the blindfold and watched green eyes widen. The touch of fear in them made him stop.

“I promised I would not make it painful tonight.” He said, his voice stern. James watched as those eyes suddenly became full of guilt and self-doubt again. That look made his heart sink. Lars always thought the worst of himself. That everything was his fault. Lars stopped meeting his eyes and looked away.

James sighed and put the blindfold down on the bed. “Lars, look at me.” Lars kept his head turned away. He sighed again and reached up, undoing the gag. “It’s all right. We’ll leave it for another night.” He pulled the gag away and put it on the dresser.

“Wait. James.”

He turned and watched Lars take a deep breath. “No, it’s all right. We don’t need to do this tonight.”

“Yeah, we do.” Lars said, looking up at him. “I just, I’m having trouble not being in control.” He bit down on his lip and tested the bindings James had him in. Gentle on his wrists and ankles, but he wasn’t going anywhere until James wanted him to.

“You’re scared.” James said, looking back down at him. “Which isn’t surprising considering what happened last time. But I’ve already told you I won’t hurt you this time around.”

“It’s hard for me-”

“Yeah, no shit Lars! You think it isn’t for me? Knowing what I did? I’m fucking terrified I’ll do it again! I know I won’t, but fuck, that doesn’t stop me from being afraid that I might!” James stood up and paced to the other side of the room, running his hands over his face. There was no need to yell. That would only set them back further.

“James, I’m not afraid of you hurting me!” Lars growled at the stubborn blonde. “Maybe if you’d let me, I could explain!”

James glowered at Lars. Dick. They weren’t ready. “You’re scared of me. I can see it.”

“I’m scared to trust you you dick!”

Silence reigned the room. Lars panted and glared at the back of James’ head. “And before you ask something stupid like ‘How is that different from being scared of me?’, I’ll answer that too.”

Lars hauled in a deep breath. Fuck it would have been nice to be able to sit up and say this. “I’m not afraid of you. Never have been. Not even after what happened.” He kept his words short and clipped.

“I raped you.”

“No, you tied me face down on the bed, spread eagle and we had sex without lube.”

“You said no.”

He huffed. “Well, it fucking hurt.”

“I still did it.”

He looked up at James, saw the anger at himself. “It was five years ago James. Neither of us were sober.”

“You still said no.”

Lars sighed, looked up at James. He had to trust him. “Get over here and put the damn blindfold on. And the gag, wherever you put it.”

He looked up at Lars, still stretched out on the bed for him. “You sure?”

He almost snapped out the obvious answer, but he stopped when he saw how much James needed the reassurance. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Large hands tipped his head up, tied the blindfold into place. James was careful to make sure that the knot wasn’t at the back of his head where it would give him a headache. He smiled. The gag came back next, tied swiftly into place. He was at James’ mercy now.

He picked up the small strip of black silk and admired Lars. They’d put their demons to rest tonight. He reached out and cupped Lars’ calf in his hands, giving a gentle squeeze. Lars arched and groaned. Perfect.

The silk followed his hands and lips. Wherever he kissed or caressed, the strip of silk was there, tantalizing and tormenting. Lars’ skin was a rosy color, his cock hard between his legs. Exactly where he wanted him. He teased the silk slowly over the tip of Lars’ cock, watching him groan and arch.

“Remember the rule?” James smiled when he got a nod. The rule was simple. Lars couldn’t come until he said so. No matter what he did.

He needed Lars to trust him completely. Lars needed him to make good on his word and not make it hurt. They needed each other. James smiled and pressed a kiss to Lars’ stomach, feeling him hiss.

He moved lower, his tongue replacing the silk on his cock as he swallowed the head. He’d never done this before. Lars bucked under him, his thighs and arms tensing against the scarves he had been tied up with. James bobbed his head slowly down, sucking hard. Lars let out another groan through the gag.

An idea struck him and he paused, pulling away from Lars. He heard the whimper escape, watched Lars shiver, all of his muscles taut with anticipation. Lars was afraid to trust him. Trust was earned, not given. James grabbed the lube and unscrewed it, watched Lars visibly relax at the sound.

He dipped two fingers in, pulled them out, wrapped his hand around Lars and stroked, coating him thoroughly. Watched Lars moan and arch. Distracting him. James looked back down at the bottle and used his other hand to unbutton and unzip his jeans before kicking them off. Lars was tense again.

He dipped two more fingers into the lube and reached back, teasing himself. James bit down a hiss. He’d never had more than a finger inside him, and that was usually during one of Lars’ better blow jobs. But if he was going to prove to Lars that he trusted him, this was the way to go.

Pressing his finger in slowly, he continued to stroke Lars. Lars was more worried about obeying his one order now than he was what was going on around him. Good. James kept stretching himself and pressed in a second finger, and then a third. He brought his other hand down, teasing at Lars’ balls, squeezing them and watching him strain against the scarves holding him in place.

James pressed in a third finger. He moaned. The sound had Lars freezing. He could feel the question in the air. He pulled both his hands away and moved on the bed. He straddled Lars and felt him shiver. Lars was still scared, whether he admitted it or not.

He took Lars in his hand again, stroking him once, twice, before positioning him carefully. He sucked in a deep breath and slowly slid down. Felt Lars push into him. Grunted a little. Lars might be smaller than him, but fuck he was a hell of a lot bigger than one finger.

His name was gasped through the gag. He felt Lars’ whole body shiver and tense. James sank down slowly, taking Lars in, until he was fully settled. He took a deep breath, then another. Fuck, it hurt more than he thought it would.


He snapped his eyes up to look at Lars, who had somehow managed to wiggle the blindfold down. Worried green eyes met his.

He tugged both the blindfold and the gag down until they were looped around Lars’ neck. The pain was receding now. It felt good, Lars inside him like this.

“James what the fuck do you think you are....nnngh, doing?” Lars asked, staring at James. He tightened his hands in the silk scarves holding his wrists in place. He would not move.

He grinned a little at Lars. “Trusting you.” He planed his hands on either side of Lars’ torso and rocked back slowly, moaning at the sensation. “K-Know you won’t hurt me.”

James repeated the movement, slowly rocking his hips forward and back. Lars moaned and held himself still underneath him. He did it again, a low moan escaping him.

“J-James, I’m not-”

“Shh.” He leaned down and kissed Lars quiet, moving slowly. He established a rhythm, the pain almost nothing now. “Move with me.” James ordered, looking at Lars.

Lars shuddered, but started to move under him. Their hips rocked together, keeping the slow movements. James bit down on his lip, moaning through his teeth. It felt good. His thighs started to cramp, so he moved back, sinking lower onto Lars.

He gasped, arching and moaning loud when James clenched down around him. His hips thrust up, against his will and Lars watched as James froze, his mouth open in a silent moan and shuddered.

“A-Again.” James demanded hoarsely. That must have been his prostate. Fuck, he needed to feel that again. He repeated the motion and moaned, long and loud. Lars met him thrust for thrust as he started to move faster. His thighs were burning, but he could not make himself stop.

“U-Untie my hands.” Lars ordered, watching James reach up and fumble with the knots before freeing both of his hands. He reached out to steady James, knowing how much this position could take out of you when you were used to it, let alone new to it. James was already close to the edge, it would not take much more to bring him over.

He groaned as slim and small hands were suddenly wrapped around his cock, stroking him eagerly and in time to each of his thrusts. “L-Lars...”

Lars leaned up and pressed a kiss to James’ neck. “Come on baby, you’re close, I know you are.” He gasped and grunted when James tightened around him, moving faster and more frantic. He struggled to hang on, felt his orgasm coiling in his stomach. He could not come until James said so. That was the rule. Their one rule.

James moaned, rocking faster. Lars was aiming to get him off quick and his body didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. His hands tightened in the sheets. Lars’ fingers, slipping down to squeeze his balls undid him. He came with a shout, shuddering, his entire body tensing as he came, making a mess on both of their chests.

He felt Lars only seconds after, thrusting deep inside him, coming hard. He slumped forward, but caught himself on his arms. It felt good, being claimed by Lars. James leaned down and nuzzled his neck, kissing Lars’ sweaty skin.

He rubbed gently at James’ lower back, looking up at him. “It’s gonna feel weird when you move.” He warned.

“Do I have to move?” James whined, looking down at Lars. He smiled when Lars rolled his eyes at him.

“Yes, you have to move. I’ll untie my ankles, but you’re in the way of that at the moment. Here, let me help.” His hands went to James’ hips and helped him shift and lay down on the bed beside him. “Don’t move.” Lars sat up and stretched a little, undoing the ankle bindings.

“Not movin’.” James mumbled.

Lars got up and went to the bathroom. He cleaned himself off and brought back a warm washcloth to clean James off, careful not to hit any sore spots. “Warn me next time you’re gonna do something like this, would you?”

“Wanted to show you I trusted you. So you’d trust me.” The words were a sleepy mumble that James managed to get out. He wanted to curl up with Lars and never move.

His breath caught. Was that why James had done this? “James, have you ever done this before?” They’d certainly never done it, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t...

Another sleepy answer. “Nooooooope.”

Lars covered his mouth, his eyes filling with tears. That idiot. His idiot. He climbed back into bed and wrapped his arms around James. He ran his fingers through spiky blonde hair and whispered. “I trust you James. I trust you.” He felt James’ sleepy smile, and the arm around his waist that tightened in response.

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Comment by Dark Misty Day - 06/03/14 - 07:22PM
Beautiful, perfect, brilliant
Comment by jasseas - 02/13/12 - 10:48PM
I liked how they both were pushing in the beginning and when they shared each other's apprehension and fears, they respected that and adjusted and softened showing how caring they were and then they both changed and coaxed and grew and were concerned and the caring and love really came through and at the end it was amazing and just a big AWWWWWW. I love these guys! Great Job!!!
Comment by Hetophile - 02/12/12 - 10:46AM
Ee, I've wanted to read a fic like this for ages! I really like it! :D
Comment by Sekhmet49 - 02/12/12 - 05:03AM
Sweet! Very good as always! XD
Comment by EvaGNR - 02/12/12 - 04:44AM
this story made me smile. so awesome. i wanna hug them both:) i am also for it: "now go write another one" :D
Comment by No_regrets - 02/12/12 - 02:59AM
God! This was... *looks for a tissue* AMAZING!!!
Comment by cobrasnaps - 02/12/12 - 01:01AM
OMG you bitch. That was a twist. LOVED IT. All the way through. Ugh. Thank you. (Now go write another one.)


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