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Tour From Hell
Guns & Roses slash fic by slashsgirl

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   Backstage Fun
647 hits/18 reads
4 Reviews
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Story picks up the night of the concert in Rio. Slash and Erin have some fun backstage.
Published 02/23/14 | 1651 words | Het | Adult
2 -   Whoa...
181 hits/5 reads

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Slash' POV on coming off stage and finding Erin waiting for him
Published 02/23/14 | 1090 words | Het | Adult
3 -   Girls Girls Girls
150 hits/4 reads

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Erin tells Susan about the guys wild behavior on a typical night after a concert
Published 02/27/14 | 2833 words | Het | Adult
4 -   One More Time Tonight
163 hits/6 reads
2 Reviews
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Slash thinks he's finally getting some sleep, he's wrong
Published 02/28/14 | 4720 words | Het | Adult
5 -   Goodbye Rio
170 hits/3 reads
1 Review
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Last morning in Rio and an unexpected wake-up call.
Published 03/04/14 | 2415 words | Het | Adult
6 -   Izzy Gets What He Wants
181 hits/5 reads
2 Reviews
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On their last night in Rio Izzy finally gets Axl alone...
Published 03/12/14 | 2716 words | Slash | Adult

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I like both bands too but I'm not as familiar with the members of deathstars! This was such a funny read and you got the neighbor rivalry thing right too :DD —_MidnightFistfight_, for Riguel*2000's The Wild Child and the Cat
This is wonderful. What a first kiss that was. Wew! I am kind of disappointed that Geddy cut and run though. Be confident Ged!
syrenie, for farewelltokings's Son of Life
Best thing ever XD please for the love of everything holy update this asap —Oppie Mocha, for Scumblequeen's Camp Cthulhu

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