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Things Even Out
Black Sabbath gen, slash fic by Dalauranator

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the bands/people/music mentioned in this fiction. I only own the plot/story.

Written as a gift for cjh9591, as part of 2016's A Very Kinky Rockfic Ficmas Fest. The prompt was 'Tony Iommi,Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath): Back when they were teenagers and went to same school..'
Hey, I wrote another one! Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands, but I've never written a fic with this epic duo before now. I think it turned out pretty well. These two are great. I hope you like it, recipient! As always, I don't own anything except the plot and story. Some of the things mentioned in this were things I read about actually happening, like the courtyard stuff and the ending scene. Also, just so everyone knows, Ozzy and Tony are both eighteen in this story. Hope you enjoy, and merry Christmas, Rockfic :)
"What exactly is the point of this?" Tony asked, wondering why he hadn't asked it sooner, and just how he had ended up here in the first place. Spending a night that could be spent either studying or playing guitar or doing literally anything other than being led by none other than Ozzy Osbourne to spray paint someone's property under cover of darkness.

Yes, that Ozzy Osbourne. As if there could possibly be another. One of him in the world was enough, Tony had decided. The one who would never listen to teachers (or any authority figure, for that matter), the one who everyone knew had been arrested multiple times, the one who Tony had used to beat up in their school's courtyard.

Somehow, the two had grown to be civil with one another since the infamous courtyard incidents. Tony would rather say that he just barely tolerated Ozzy. The two were so different - almost complete opposites. Tony was reserved and analytical, while Ozzy was a loud, brash delinquent. Exactly how Ozzy had convinced Tony to come with him to do graffiti was something still unknown.

Of course, when Tony had agreed to spend his night hanging out with Ozzy, he hadn't known they'd actually be vandalizing someone's property. Once the true nature of their mission had been revealed, however, he still wasn't quite sure why he'd stuck around.

Ozzy turned to give him the smirk that seemed to be a permanent part of his face. "Why's there gotta be a point to it?" he put in. A streetlamp flickered overhead as the two ducked around a corner. "Why can't it just be two blokes havin' a bit o'fun?"

"Why's your idea of fun gotta involve somethin' illegal?" Tony countered, glancing around the street for anyone who might see them, just as he had been for the past half hour. Ozzy had been telling him that he was being paranoid.

"Mate, s'only illegal if y' get caught doin' it." Ozzy remarked, and Tony rolled his eyes.

"Somehow I don't think that's how it works."

Ozzy simply laughed, peering around a corner before beckoning Tony over with a wave of his hand. With a sigh, Tony followed him, soon staring directly into the face of an old, faded brick wall that looked as though it'd fall apart if even the slightest amount of pressure was applied. Ozzy gave him a mischievous little grin.

"I can't believe you're makin' me do this." Tony muttered, and Ozzy smirked. He grabbed the can of black spray paint from the pocket of his jeans, giving it a brief, brisk shake before popping the cap off.

As Ozzy began spray painting large, black letters onto the wall in front of him, Tony crossed his arms, glancing back at the street once more. Just as it had been, it was still empty, and he turned back to the wall, only to roll his eyes again at the sight of Ozzy's graffiti.

Huge, sloppily painted letters that spelled his name. That was all it was. "OZZY" in dripping black paint, smacked onto the cracked, run-down brick wall. Seemingly satisfied with the result, the artist himself turned to Tony to offer the spray can. Tony gave him a look as though he'd just been asked to commit murder.

"Are y' actually serious, now?!" Tony asked, bewildered. Ozzy shrugged.

"Go on, 's quite easy." he stated. Tony just continued to give him that same baffled stare. He'd been half-expecting this, but he'd been hoping that it wouldn't actually happen.

"First y' ask me t' come with you so you can commit crimes," he began. "and now you're askin' me t' commit those crimes as well?!"

"Y' won't get caught." Ozzy commented. Tony just continued to give him an incredulous look. He was not going to be pulled into Ozzy's world of crime and mischief.

Before he could think about what he was doing, his eyes flickered to the painting on the wall, analyzing the messily scrawled letters for a long moment. There was something strangely appealing about the idea of doing graffiti. Perhaps it was the danger - the knowledge that he could be caught at any moment, that anyone could walk by at any time and see him. Or maybe it was the idea that spray painting something made it one's own - once their name was on it, it was theirs. This old brick wall was now Ozzy's wall. And it could be Tony's wall as well.

Tony shook his head, chasing away his train of thought as he mentally chided himself. What was he thinking, considering stooping down to Ozzy's level?

Ozzy and Tony's wall...

He snatched the spray can away, and Ozzy grinned. Tony stared down at it, then back at the wall. If he really wouldn't get caught, and nobody would really see it...what was the big deal with a little teenage rebellion?

He didn't paint his name. He wasn't going to be that much of a rebel. Swirls of black began to decorate the wall as Ozzy cheered him on, a barely perceptible smile on his face. There really was something fun about it, just as he'd assumed. Painting the words had a relaxing effect, yet there was that vague sense of fear that he'd be caught in the back of his mind. But as he continued to paint, he found that that was where it stayed - in the back of his mind, and not a big deal.

After a few minutes, he stepped back from the wall, crossing his arms over his chest as he observed what he had written.


He barely paid attention to Ozzy standing beside him and dramatically praising his act of delinquency. As he always did with any situation, he found himself analyzing the composition of both paintings. The contrast between the two pieces was reminiscent of their personalities - Tony's being smaller and neatly written, and Ozzy's being haphazard and just barely legible.

He could still hardly believe that he had just done that. The whole time he'd been painting, he'd felt like he was in a dream, like he was just watching himself draw instead of actually drawing.

"See, I told y' it was quite easy." Ozzy put in with a smirk, and Tony actually felt a slight smile come to his face. As much as he hated to admit it to himself, maybe Ozzy had been right about something for once.

That train of thought was abruptly derailed, however, when the unmistakable sound of sirens pierced through the quiet of the night.

"Oh shit." Ozzy said, just as the lights of the police cars lit up both boys and their "artwork". Tony froze in place, dropping the can of spray paint in shock. He knew he shouldn't have let himself follow Ozzy's path. Why had he let himself be convinced?!

"C'mon, mate!" Ozzy called, snapping Tony from his train of thought. He didn't have time to react before he was pulled into a run, Ozzy's hand firmly gripping his. The sound of the sirens began to fade into the background as the boys sped through the dark streets, Tony's protests remaining unheard as Ozzy laughed the entire way.
"Are you crazy, man?!" Tony shouted, still sprinting against his will. By now, he could just barely hear the sirens in the distance.

"I've been told I am before!" Ozzy remarked, still cackling as he dragged Tony past alleys and streetlights. He finally settled on an alley at the end of a street, and, still snickering the whole way, tugged Tony into the darkness.

As soon as they were sufficiently hidden, Tony turned to Ozzy, about to unleash all of the frustration and irritation raging in his mind upon the other boy, when something stopped him. Despite almost getting arrested, and having to race halfway across town, Ozzy was still laughing, his expression one of pure mirth.

And despite being nearly arrested before being yanked through the streets, Tony couldn't stop himself from laughing as well. The whole thing was just so ridiculous that he couldn't help it, his and Ozzy's loud guffaws echoing off the walls of the alleyway.

"Ozzy, you absolute madman!" Tony shouted, a grin still on his face. The two were doubled over laughing at this point. Perhaps Tony had been wrong about Ozzy. Sure, the other boy was a rebel and a troublemaker, the exact opposite of Tony, but most of the crimes he'd been arrested for had been petty. He was really just trying to have some fun.

While Tony didn't agree with Ozzy's idea of a good time, he had to admit that tonight had been absolutely insane, and, in the end, they were really just two blokes having fun.

Perhaps they were more alike than Tony had previously thought.

Their laughter was brought to a screeching halt, however, by the wails of the police sirens they thought they had managed to escape. A moment later, their bodies were illuminated by the blinding beams of the officers' flashlights, and they turned to each other, speechless.

Tony stayed where he was, knowing that if he tried running again, it would only be worse if he got caught for the second time. Meanwhile, Ozzy was frantically scanning the street for another escape route, even as the cops exited their cars and began approaching the boys. Narrowing his eyes, Tony smacked Ozzy's arm, and the other boy sighed as he realized that he wouldn't be able to run away from this one.

Tony knew that Ozzy had been in this exact situation before, but somehow, that didn't make him feel any better about it. The two were silent, Tony refusing to even look at Ozzy's face, as they were ushered into the back of the police car after receiving a stern lecture by the officer that had apparently dealt with Ozzy before. Tony had a feeling he'd be getting a lot more of those when his parents found out about this.

"I, uh..." Ozzy began, shifting awkwardly. Tony turned away from him, silently staring out the window with a look of barely contained fury on his face. His reflection, with its cold, angry eyes, surprised him for a moment. Was that really what he looked like when he was mad? "This...doesn't usually happen..."

Tony whirled around to glare at the other boy. "Just 'cause it doesn't usually happen doesn't mean it can't happen!" he snapped, and Ozzy looked away with a sheepish expression. Tony heaved a sigh and shook his head, turning back toward the window again.

He hadn't been wrong about Ozzy. The boy was nothing but trouble, and nothing like Tony.

He didn't speak to Ozzy for the rest of the ride. He didn't look at him after calling his parents and receiving the first of the many scoldings he was bound to hear. He didn't sit next to him when they were put in the same jail cell. Incredible that they'd ended up here in such a short amount of time. They'd gone from classmates to cellmates in the span of a couple hours.

Tony didn't want anything to do with Ozzy after the night was over.

- x -

Tony wasn't sure what was worse: the weekend that had dragged on as he'd endured lecture after lecture from his very angry parents, or knowing that he'd have to face Ozzy at some point when Monday finally rolled around.

He'd been evading the other boy all day, and had been able to avoid even seeing Ozzy's face for the past few hours. Now, standing in the courtyard, he felt a wave of dismay wash over him as he noticed the boy sitting against a tree near the fence, lazily smoking a joint. It wouldn't be long before Tony was noticed.

With a resigned sigh, Tony trudged toward the tree, realizing that it was pointless to keep hiding from Ozzy. He wouldn't be able to do it forever, and it wouldn't solve anything even if he could.

Ozzy was still staring off into space when Tony reached the tree, his mind probably a million miles away. There was a faint, dopey grin on his face, and his eyes were half-lidded and slightly red. He took another hit before his eyes wandered up to meet Tony's, and he smiled. It fell from his face, however, when he noticed Tony's cold stare.

"Uhh..." Ozzy began, and Tony rolled his eyes. Of course he wouldn't get any sort of coherent speech from the other boy. Against his better judgment, he sat beside him, the silence grating before Tony finally decided to speak up.

"Look." he stated, Ozzy gazing at him distantly. Tony wasn't even sure what to say, now that he thought about it. "I--"

"Sorry I got you arrested." Ozzy muttered quickly, before he ducked his head away in embarrassment. Tony regarded him with intrigue. He sounded genuinely ashamed.

"Ah..." Now it was Tony's turn to be speechless. How the hell was he supposed to respond to that? Say that it was alright and move on? It wasn't alright - that much was obvious, but it wasn't like the two couldn't still be civil with one another. Could they? Or would Tony continue to avoid Ozzy for the rest of the school year, like he'd wanted to do on the night they'd gotten arrested? "Well..."

It was hopeless to try and have a serious conversation about what had happened. At some point, Ozzy's mind had apparently wandered again, as he was back to staring off into space with that goofy grin on his face. Tony rolled his eyes and Ozzy turned back to him.

"Why don't y' try it?" he asked, offering the joint. Tony gave him a hard stare through narrowed eyes. "It might loosen y' up a bit."

"I don't need to loosen up." Tony muttered sharply. "And I have class."

"This won't ruin your class," Ozzy stated, studying the joint with wild fascination for a moment before he turned back to Tony with a devilish smirk. "it'll just take the edge off." He put it to his lips and took a long hit.

Tony stared at him. "What do y' mean by--"

He didn't get the chance to finish before Ozzy's lips were against his.

Tony's entire body froze with shock. He was dimly aware of the smoke from the joint being slowly exhaled into his mouth as he sat there in rigid astonishment. In his mind, his hands were shooting upwards to either shove Ozzy away or grab his shirt and, for some reason unknown, yank him closer. In reality, his hands were completely stiff at his sides.

As soon as he was able to think again, it was over, Ozzy sitting back against the tree as if nothing was amiss. "That should do it." he remarked, as if what he'd just done had been the most natural thing in the world. Tony gaped at him. He stared at the ground, trying to process what had just happened, as well as figure out what the strange feeling of what felt like electricity tingling through his body meant.

"Y' can't---" he started to say once he'd gotten control of his thoughts, looking up, but Ozzy had already disappeared. Tony simply sat there, dumbfounded, hardly able to believe that the past couple minutes had actually happened.

He didn't see Ozzy again for the rest of the school year.

- x -

Years later, as Tony was reading over a bulletin board covered in adverts from local musicians who were looking to form a band, his eyes passed over something that made him stop in his tracks.


Tony snatched the paper from the board, staring at it in disbelief. This couldn't possibly couldn't possibly be the same Ozzy, could it? He didn't want to believe that there was a prospect of "Ozzy Zig" being the same Ozzy who had gotten him arrested when he was eighteen.

"Why's there gotta be a point to it? Why can't it just be two blokes havin' a bit o'fun?"

In his mind, he could see Ozzy's shit-eating grin that had once haunted him. He could feel himself resigning to the fact that it really couldn't be anybody else.

"Oh, bloody hell, you've gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me!"

- end -

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Comment by Soobie - 12/25/16 - 11:00PM
Cool story. I like how uptight Tony is, really contrasts well with the mildly-Wildman Ozzy.
Comment by cjh9591 - 12/25/16 - 01:12AM
Oh, i didn't expect much it to be written, but you wrote it! And it's beautiful! I love this. Really. All i wanted was this. Picturing teenage Ozzy and Tony running wild and laughing like maniacs in the dark was so damn cute. Tony is having fun with someone he thought was nothing alike. It's always good to see when something you unexpected happends and you enjoy it. I didn't have much of my thoughts or desire of what the characters gonna be like in their teens (they could be just like what we all know or maybe not) but i can say that i really enjoyed your characterization. My favorite thing was Ozzy offering Tony joint with his mouth!! And acting like it's normal, definitely not a sexual thing. How did you know i love those kind of things?! Aaaaaah. I love this so much i couldn't breathe. Thank you so much for your amazing work. I wish there were more lovely Sabbath fics like this. I hope my poor English didn't disturb expressing my delight and gratitude. Merry merry Christmas! : )


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