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The Corsican Legends
Carach Angren het fic by andrea17metal

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   1. Holidays, holidays!
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Dennis, Ivo and Clemens go in holidays to Corsica. But something is strange. Their guide and host, Rumeu tell them about Corsican legends and Dennis meets a strange young woman. But who is she? And why Rumeu beware of her?
Published 08/11/17 | 617 words | Het | Not so adult
2 -   2. The Biguglia's pond
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Listen to the strange story of the Biguglia's pond
Published 08/11/17 | 1076 words | Het | Not so adult
3 -   3. Action!
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The Carach Angren's guys visit the beautiful Biguglia's pond with Rumeu. Because it's a supposedly haunted place, Ivo decides to film their visit but when they watch it, there is a big problem. What happened to the video?
Published 08/12/17 | 1703 words | Het | Not so adult
4 -   4. Ghosts can love too
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Dennis decides to go back to the Biguglia's pond. He wants to film the place, but his meeting with the beach's woman will change everything.
Published 08/12/17 | 1070 words | Het | Adult
5 -   5. Prisoner
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Rumeu tried to interpret the noises present in the first video, and what he found is terrifying. But the most disturbing is the fact that the old couple and the Wijers brothers found Dennis floating on the Biguglia's pond. What's going on?
Published 08/13/17 | 1619 words | Het | Not so adult

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Pleaae upload fast, i want to know if the not existing plan works :D —TrashHeart1ö, for andrea17metal's First Time
Please upload fast, I want to know how that play will work :D —TrashHeart1ö, for andrea17metal's First Time
Oh my goodness, this was all I expected it to be after the little hints you gave. I liked Les unfaltering cheerfulness at the start despite Kirk dragging himself and bitching all along and how cheeky Les gets after the video shoot and Kirk cannot refuse anything to him. Obviously, the last scenes with the puke and worms was top notch dirty silliness... ;-) Now, for the records, I just don't want to know what you had in mind when you wrote that Les had actually gotten on him worse things than that! LOL!!! —Riguel*2000, for notoffkilter's John the fisherman.

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