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Six(Six Six) Souls
Megadeth gen fic by rockingandwriting

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   Christine
156 hits/14 reads
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[Halloween Challenge 2016] AU where on the day Dave Mustaine tries to kill himself in 1993, Satan cuts him a deal. He must harvest six souls and bring them to hell, and then he will be allowed to live.
Published 10/10/16 | 3397 words | Gen | Adult
2 -   Brandon
34 hits/8 reads
5 Reviews
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[Halloween Challenge 2016] The first soul was tough enough to send to hell. But the devil promised it would only get worse from there. What will happen when Dave Mustaine has to send an even more innocent victim to the underworld? Will he keep his pact to save his own life?
Published 10/15/16 | 4395 words | Gen | Adult
3 -   Julia
27 hits/3 reads
2 Reviews
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Dave faces his toughest challenge yet when he is given the task of sending a terminally ill hospital patient to hell. Has he finally had enough? Will he confront the devil at the risk of his own life?
Published 10/18/16 | 3898 words | Gen | Adult
4 -   Jeremiah
24 hits/4 reads
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After the devil threatens his family, Dave Mustaine isn't quite sure how to continue his mission. Then the devil tricks him again, in the form of a young soldier facing survivor's guilt. Will this be his last mission? Will he be able to carry on to save his family?
Published 10/22/16 | 4318 words | Gen | Adult
5 -   Claire
35 hits/6 reads
3 Reviews
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(HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE 2016) Dave can't afford to protect his sanity when he meets a young woman who needs his help at an insane asylum. Her story intrigues him, but what intrigues him more is the promise she makes him keep, to save someone he loves more than anything...
Published 10/25/16 | 2940 words | Gen | Adult
6 -   Junior
31 hits/5 reads
3 Reviews
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(HALLOWEEEN CHALLENGE 2016) Dave Mustaine has mere minutes to save his best friend Junior, who he has been forced to kill by the devil.
Published 10/28/16 | 2879 words | Gen | Adult
7 -   Dave
26 hits/7 reads
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[HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE 2016] After Dave sacrifices himself to save Junior's life, he is sent to hell for his eternal punishment. But the devil once more has a few tricks up his sleeve, and paying his debt won't be as simple as Dave thinks it will be...
Published 10/31/16 | 3564 words | Gen | Adult

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