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Running with the devil
Megadeth slash fic by Julietds

Disclaimer: No harm or offence is intended by this story. This is pure fiction only inspired by players and, in some cases, by actual events. Either way, I don't know these guys personally and my writings are meant to be purely for entertainment.

Notes: One shot.
Milky skin sprinkled with endless freckles, a precious nose but not too pointy, bright hazel eyes staring at the ceiling, probably as many soft, ginger curls as his whims and a snarl sharp as a blade still laid before my eyes, mixed to shape the most beautiful mess I had ever seen.

A few little auburn moles covered the pale skin of his chest, leading my gaze along that milky way, down to his flat stomach, fairly framed by abdominals. Part of the sheet was pulled up over his now relaxed crotch, but my eyes could still linger on a few ginger hair peeping from beneath it.

I realized seconds later, he could actually catch me - knee to the chest, pressed against the wall - staring at him. Just the thought made me turn into a tomato. What a callow kid I picked up, he would've thought.

Mind elsewhere and eye off the ball, his fingers emerged from beneath the blanket and travelled to the nightstand to grab something. Soon enough, his plump cherry lips were closed tight around a cigarette, leaving me craving for more.

It took me less than five seconds to forgive how lame my first crush's first impression about me might potentially be. I was still nervous, somehow. Nevermind we just had had sex. Nevermind it was my very first time with another guy, too. Dave was just a little... intimidating, yeah.

But he chose me. Me and not Greg. He chose me four hours earlier, when I knocked on his door and the three of us went to buy some Heineken. So the rest didn't really matter. Pretty much everything else became nothing but a mere, huge detail, since Dave chose me.

It was then he smiled. If only he could imagine all the crap I was thinking about...

“So...” he slurred. My eyes flicked on him and, this time, his looked back at me. “Ready for round two, Minnesota?”

I offered him a shy smile and nodded, laying down and shifting closer to his warm body. My naked body was nearly freezing when his arm sneaked around me till his hand was dangling over my shoulder.

“You know, you're very pretty. Throwing that fucking vase on your AC wasn't such a bad idea, after all." We both chuckled passively as passive and not-so-passive smoke made our nerves relax, knowing how right he was. "I wasn't in the mood to run with the devil, but apparently that paid off. I got my own sweet lil' angel." A pause, another puff of smoke filling the air over our head. Then he cleared his throat. "What's your name again? I might want to... hang out with you some more.”

He made me roll on my side, closer to that gorgeous, warm body of his, tickling my back with his calloused fingers until I smiled, probably blushing even more before his gaze than I had already done. I couldn't restrain myself though, that feeling was stronger than anything else.

“It's David. David Ellefson.”

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Recommend story
Comment by 27fires - 08/09/16 - 05:29AM
Really good descriptive writing here x

Julietds's response: Thanks man!
Comment by sleazebaby - 07/12/16 - 07:36AM
I can totally see this lol. Love it! So cute.

Julietds's response: Thank you! They sure are :3
Comment by NeennE - 07/11/16 - 06:01AM
I'm digging this one a lot, you know, you should add some more shorter similar stories to the list, you do those so well ;)

Julietds's response: Aww, thank you very much! You know, I enjoy very much writing shorter fics like this one. They're like glimpses (or, well, little outbursts) and I hope they're somehow gonna inspire other rockficcers to write shorter stories about something more specific like a singular kink or a certain era (alias I can't restrain myself and write drabbles!). Anyway thank you for dropping by hon, that was veery appreciated :)
Comment by GoAheadAndJump - 07/10/16 - 09:28PM
Nice! I love all the descriptions. :D

Julietds's response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them!


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