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Story: Poison Whiskey
Author: Shameshxme
Band: Megadeth, Metallica
Characters: Dave Mustaine,David Ellefson,Marty Friedman,Nick Menza,Dave Mustaine,James Hetfield,Jason Newsted,Kirk Hammett,Lars Ulrich,Rob Trujillo
Genre: Slash
Rating: Adult

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Poison Whiskey
Megadeth, Metallica slash fic by Shameshxme

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   Luxury Elite
126 hits/12 reads
2 Reviews
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A freshly graduated Kirk Hammett finds a job at Luxury Elite, a car dealership with a dark method of business. Doing everything he can to not only keep him safe, but to also earn his trust, Mr. James Hetfield keeps Kirk under close surveillance.
Published 07/24/17 | 3293 words | Slash | Adult
2 -   Burnin' For You
92 hits/12 reads
3 Reviews
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I start to stand from my chair to head home and drink away this bullshit, but before I even get a foot away from the desk, a calloused hand wraps around my wrist and I'm lifted back in place by my collar. James' mouth is up to my ear. "If you leave, I never want to see your scrawny ass in California again."
Published 07/24/17 | 5166 words | Slash | Adult
3 -   Magic Man
92 hits/10 reads
3 Reviews
Read Chapter
"See? It's not so bad here is it?" "Not at all." "Good. I'm glad you're happy. Goodnight baby." "Goodnight." With my cheek against his chest, I try to fall asleep without drooling. I hope, for however long I'm here, every night is just like this.
Published 07/26/17 | 5343 words | Slash | Adult
4 -   Since I've Been Loving You
79 hits/8 reads
2 Reviews
Read Chapter
I nibble my lip and stare at his boots. "He's been here?" James opens his mouth to say something but he stuffs it back down and runs through the files to find something else to say. "Yeah. He's a friend of mine." When James says the word 'friend' it sounds like he's fighting with marbles in his mouth. They're not friends. They're something else. A little fire of jealousy burns in my ribs. So I settle back into the couch.
Published 07/27/17 | 3673 words | Slash | Adult
5 -   Bastard
65 hits/12 reads
4 Reviews
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Despite my trust being ripped out like a still-beating heart, I keep listening. This puzzle isn't finished. And though I can imagine the final product, not all the pieces are there.
Published 07/28/17 | 2826 words | Slash | Adult
6 -   Runnin' With the Devil
66 hits/15 reads
4 Reviews
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"Don't worry anymore. I've wrung you through more hell than I ever wanted to. Let me worry. Just stay with me and let me love you baby. You'll be okay. I promise you that with my life." I stare right into his eyes when he tells me and I know he fucking means it. Wrinkled, uneven, distressed skin. And somewhere underneath his sandy eyelashes are the deepest blue eyes I've ever seen. They look fake. But they hold more meaning than I can begin to describe.
Published 07/30/17 | 4879 words | Slash | Adult
7 -   Rebel Yell
119 hits/15 reads
6 Reviews
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You hope it's Dave. Dave and that long, golden hair. Dave and those huge, veiny, sinful hands. Dave and the blood soaked tank top. He throws that hair out of his face and smiles. I see him under the purple light as a cold blooded, intoxicating killer. I want to see the blood that caused those stains. I wanna see him covered in it.
Published 08/01/17 | 4041 words | Slash | Adult
8 -   Stranglehold
59 hits/13 reads
3 Reviews
Read Chapter
"I'm actually kinda glad you came," he says, around the filter. "I don't wanna be alone when he gets back after not seeing you. He'd be thrilled you're here though." "I'm never fucking leaving, am I?" "Well, if what happened to me isn't your word of god then god never spoke."
Published 08/08/17 | 3524 words | Slash | Adult
9 -   Sugar Daddy
52 hits/8 reads
3 Reviews
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"Did he ever tell you how much you mean to him?" " If he did, then I don't remember. I remember everything else though. I remember the day he let me go and I remember exactly how it felt to be betrayed. But I guess you forget what you want to remember and remember what you want to forget."
Published 08/09/17 | 3888 words | Slash | Adult
10 -   Dreams of Milk and Honey
81 hits/13 reads
4 Reviews
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The whirr. The whirr and then the sound of dead weight. Junior's arm relaxes but I don't move.
Published 08/10/17 | 3656 words | Slash | Adult
11 -   Couldn't Stand the Weather
47 hits/7 reads
1 Review
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"Either of you motherfuckers tell anyone what happened in the past 24 hours, I will personally see to it that they find your prints at the scene. Of course, we can all just forget about this whole fuckin' fiasco if we do what?" "Shut the hell up," Nick finishes. Shut the hell up. Forget.
Published 08/13/17 | 4359 words | Slash | Adult
12 -   Poison Whiskey
49 hits/7 reads
2 Reviews
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Those who wanted a taste were poisoned, but..."James can handle his Whiskey."
Published 08/14/17 | 2342 words | Slash | Adult

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Please upload fast, I want to know how that play will work :D —TrashHeart1ö, for andrea17metal's First Time
Oh my goodness, this was all I expected it to be after the little hints you gave. I liked Les unfaltering cheerfulness at the start despite Kirk dragging himself and bitching all along and how cheeky Les gets after the video shoot and Kirk cannot refuse anything to him. Obviously, the last scenes with the puke and worms was top notch dirty silliness... ;-) Now, for the records, I just don't want to know what you had in mind when you wrote that Les had actually gotten on him worse things than that! LOL!!! —Riguel*2000, for notoffkilter's John the fisherman.

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