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Kiss slash fic by thiefofrage

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters or any songs/references used in this story.

Notes: I literally just finished my last big story and I'm already planning for the next one. Here's something that came to mind when listening to Paralyzer by Finger Eleven. Warning: smut
The club was dark and stuffy.

Flashing lights shone brightly down on the moving crowd, dozens of people, dancing. One in particular caught his eye, though.

He was tall and well-built, strong hips swaying to the beat, fingers clasped around a glass, never spilling a drop despite his erratic movements.

His dark curls tumbled down his shoulders and around his neck as his body rocked back and forth, mesmerizing the man who couldn't tear his gaze away.

He was seated at a bar stool, drink in hand, watching the young man dance as if paralyzed.

His tight clothing stuck to him as he pranced through the crowd, sweat beading on his forehead, and the man at the bar just couldn't.. stop.

He felt the wanton rise like a flame inside his body, and he felt the urge to get the other man by his side.

It was about then that the dancing man noticed the pair of eyes glued to him. Self-conscious, he slipped back into the area of the crowd that was standing still. He blended in as best as he could, cherry-red lips sipping at the drink in his hand.

The man watching knew that the other had every right in the world to hide from him. He probably looked like a creep.

But he wanted him.

So he stood, taking his glass with him, and worked his way through the thick crowd to get closer. The music had faded out, but it was about to start up again. A funky beat - something easy to dance to.

The man gave up trying to blend in and found himself surrounded by dancing people once more. Hips swinging, hands running through his dark hair, tossing it about as he swayed to the music. He couldn't make himself care about the taller man eyeing him, now closer - he was interested, and he had no problem with that. So was everyone else that had felt him up in this club. But this man seemed different.

He found his body working harder to please the other man from across the crowd.

The music sped up and he kept going, sensing the other man's presence getting closer. Large, strong hands landed on his hips, and he bit back a moan at how they felt on his body.

"Hey." He laughed softly, moving his hair out of his face. The other man smirked when he stepped closer into his arms.


With a couple words good enough as consent, the two found themselves rubbing each other wherever possible. Straining to keep himself from dragging the other man away into the darkness. It was hot, heavy, and it had him sweating harder than the dancing did. There was a soft growl in his ear.

"Wanna take this somewhere else, beautiful?"

Oh, fuck yes.

He wasn't expecting to be dragged in the direction of the bathrooms by the perfect stranger, but now he was, and he was sticking along for the ride. He was straining in his pants from just watching the other man dance for him - him alone, he knew.

The bathroom was empty, thankfully, when the shorter man dragged him inside. It was merely seconds until skilled hands were roaming his body again, and he was sure he'd be brought to his knees by this beautiful man.

Strawberry lips were pressed against his ear, heavy panting filling his senses as the other man's fingers wandered lower and lower, finally trailing over the hungry bulge.

Words weren't said - they weren't needed - as they stripped each other down quickly, impatiently.

The taller of the two fished a condom out of his jeans before tugging them off.

"Fuck." The curly-haired man whispered, bottom lip caught between his teeth as he watched the other undress.

"Up," was all that was needed before the smaller man was pinned against the wall, thighs wrapped around the other's hips. He bit his lip as he waited, back pressed against the cold wall. When the other man finally pushed past his entrance, he cried out loudly, pressing back against the other man.

"F-fuck! Yes! Harder, harder, um-"

The puzzled look shot down at the man now thrusting into him almost broke the mood, but the other learned to adapt.

"Gene." He moaned, pressing his lips to the stranger's neck. He let out a high-pitched cry in reply, fingers tangled in the other's hair.

"Paul." He whispered, voice strained, feeling the newly-named stranger nod.

"You feel so fucking good, Paul." Gene hissed, forcing another moan out of the smaller man above him.

"I want your number after this." Paul mumbled, throwing his head back against the wall. Gene tightened his grip on Paul's thighs, sighing softly.

"A-ah, yeah, definitely."


Well Iím not paralyzed
But I seem to be struck by you
I want to make you move
Because youíre standing still
If your body matches
What your eyes can do
Youíll probably move right through
Me on my way to you.

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Recommend story
Comment by ms_rattlehead - 07/17/17 - 08:26AM
God, I'm in love with this fic... So beautiful! *.* Unfortunately, there are very few fics with Gene/Paul pairing :c I hope you will write something else about this guys ;) #StarDemon_is_real :з // Hugs and kisses 💖//
Comment by AceWFrehley - 09/25/16 - 07:06AM
I got pretty hot reading this! Woohoo!😍😘😎🎸
Comment by mrsjimbert - 09/18/16 - 02:28PM
Hot! I don't usually read KISS fics, but this one was something else. Well done! :D

thiefofrage's response: Thank you!! c:
Comment by kissfan1995 - 09/17/16 - 11:43PM
Do you plan on doing anymore AU fics for KISS? Like I said before, this is good.

thiefofrage's response: Probably, but they'd most likely just be one-shots like this one. I have a new full-length fic in mind, but it wouldn't be an AU :p And thank you!!

RockAndRollGoddess's response: thiefofrage, I'm curious about your new full-length fic now. Any hints on pairings?

thiefofrage's response: oh gosh, I'm sorry!! I didn't see this! and honestly i haven't even gotten start developing ideas or working on it at all becuase school has got me really overworked, but! when it does happen, it'll be a paul/gene fic :))
Comment by RockAndRollGoddess - 09/17/16 - 04:32PM
Wow. Is this before they started KISS? Or is it an alternate reality where KISS doesn't even exist? As a Gene/Paul shipper, I really enjoyed reading this.

thiefofrage's response: I would say an AU with no Kiss :p Thank you!!
Comment by The_Elder - 09/17/16 - 10:53AM
This is actually really, really cool. Nothing like any KISS fic I've read so far.

thiefofrage's response: Thank you!! c:
Comment by kissfan1995 - 09/17/16 - 09:46AM
Cool! I've never seen someone do a fic for Paul/Gene where they meet. Good story!


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