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Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf
Megadeth gen fic by Dark Tendencies

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   Chapter 1
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The wolf shows no mercy when he eats anyone who crosses his territory, but when a naive, innocent boy comes to the woods, he somehow changes his mind...
Published 03/30/16 | 287 words | Gen | Not so adult
2 -   Chapter 2
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Because it was autumn and the sun was starting to set a bit, it was getting chilly, so David began to huddle under his cape for warmth and put his hood up. He held the basket a bit close to him, as if someone was trying to take it... Then he heard a twig snap.
Published 04/01/16 | 601 words | Gen | Not so adult
3 -   Chapter 3
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The wolf quietly walked through the woods hoping not to snap some twigs. He was looking for David. 'Stupid boy won't know I'm there until he feels my bite.' he thought.
Published 04/03/16 | 396 words | Slash | Not so adult
4 -   Chapter 4
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He walked to the front door and began to scratch at it. He then, with all his might, broke it down.
Published 04/13/16 | 618 words | Gen | Adult
5 -   Chapter 5
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As the two began to wrestle they heard the door open. "There he is! And he's attacking my grandson!"
Published 05/07/16 | 588 words | Gen, Slash | Adult
6 -   Chapter 6
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"Please be careful, David. I don't want you to get hurt again. Especially with that wolf lurking around."
Published 06/11/16 | 304 words | Slash | Adult
7 -   Chapter 7
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"One day, if that will ever happen, you will be free of this curse when you find true love. You will know when you meet that person."
Published 08/02/17 | 552 words | Slash | Adult
8 -   Chapter 8
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"It's you." then he walked away for good this time. "Wait! What do you mean by that?"
Published 08/05/17 | 394 words | Gen | Not so adult
9 -   Chapter 9
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Those two words haunted him all night. Taunting him. He had enough of it.
Published 02/10/18 | 607 words | Gen | Adult

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I know this is really irrelevant but wow the lipstick you described is literally my exact favorite color. Can I have Elenaís number to find out which brand/color it is pls??? 💋💋💋 Buuuut on a more serious note WOW FUCKING WOW I CANíT. THIS IS EVERYTHING. THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHAT I COME ON THIS SITE FOR. I canít even begin to describe how amazingly hot this is and as always you also manage to make it super sweet and adorable and funny and jUST THEM. This is them. It just is. You ALWAYS write them so perfectly ugh my feels are killing me. Also I live for Richie eating Jon out and with the whole girl-aspect of it and how you described it as being like Richie was eating pussy IíM D E D. DED. Itís so perfect oh my god. 🔥🔥🔥 Also ofc Jon needs to mark and protect his territory, eh? 😏 Having that fine dick all to himself, who can blame him? Lucky bitch... Jk ily Jonny-babe 💖👅💕 (I apologize I couldnít muster up a more coherent/constructive review beyond what Iíve already said earlier... This fic just does that to me.) How do you manage to pour all my Jovi kinks into one work of absolute art like this I donít even understand lmao Iíll be rereading this masterpiece over and over for all eternity 💖🔥 —bassgirl, for lyndysambora's Crash
Love this fic! And hoping for some Jerry/Layne with Jerry on top as it continues ;) —Mjaltbrand, for pearljammed's Ache
Iím so confused and seriously ďbunny foo fooĒ .. now Iím gunna have that bloody rhyme in my head 😩. Iíll have to read it again methinks 🤨
CrazyInBC, for Sailorhathor's Don't Open That Door

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