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Just a middle-aged man's struggle
Iron Maiden slash fic by Julietds

Disclaimer: No harm or offence is intended by this story. This is pure fiction only inspired by players and, in some cases, by actual events. Either way, I don't know these guys personally and my writings are meant to be purely for entertainment.

Standing in front of the dresser, the little, old device in his sweaty hands, the brunette debated himself about the idea for a while. To be honest, there weren't many possibilities and when the phone vibrated, he knew the time was over.

“I want you, Bruce. Hurry up” it read.

They were firm words but the man found himself chuckling at them, picturing his eager partner sitting in a hotel bedroom, miles away from him, burning with desire as he waited for Bruce to take action.

With a sigh, the brunette opened the first drawer and stuck his hand into it, in search of what should've been his staunchest ally in those precious circumstances. Finally, the hand resurfaced from the ocean of socks and boxers holding something.

Bruce examined the thin object for a few moments, holding it like it was some kind of alien artifact. It didn't take long for him to find the right switch and soon enough, the display lightened up. Many little square took up the screen but there was no keyboard to be seen.

How am I supposed to write with this thing? The man scratched his head. Alright, let's see. It didn't look so hard when Austin showed me how to do it. You just need to... push this... no, not this... bloody hell, no, I don't want to update my profile on whatever the fuck that is. Exit. Where's the x button again?

His old mobile vibrated again, making the whole drawer quiver. Another message. This thing was becoming serious... even worse since he had to pay heed to two of those things. He didn't want to admit defeat yet, though. After all, was he or was he not Bruce Dickinson?

Hell yes he was. And he wouldn't allow nothing, least of all technology, to defeat him and his steel determination after only an attempt.

Resolute amber eyes just glanced at the chipped screen.

“Are you still there, love? Need you.”

He pressed his digit harder on the messaging app's colorful icon but all he got in return for his efforts, was a animated pop-up that showed an erect male member and a nice, big letter inscription followed by a thumb up.

The singer brought a palm to his face at that, sighing annoyed.

No, for the umpteenth time, I do not want to increase the size of my dick.

Once again, his old Nokia buzzed and that's when he surrendered and grabbed it, hiding the irritating smartphone his son gave to him as gift for last Christmas back into the sock drawer.

It couldn't be called a submission, though. Bruce knew he still had his infallible ways, no matter how fast the progress ran. Slowly and carefully, he started writing on his old phone, knowing his new idea would sure work better than Steve's one involving smartass mobiles. Once he was done, he stared at the screen, satisfied with the outcome of such a hard work.

“Harry, what if we send each other nudes by fax?”

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Comment by Helena Godfrey - 12/13/16 - 11:40AM
Hilarius. I'm still laughting here, it seemed so real... So Bruce haha xD lovely fic :)

Julietds's response: Thank you! It was so much fun to write :D also, it's nice to know it was very Bruce since it's one of my first Maiden fics xD
Comment by Pigatron - 12/08/16 - 04:10PM
This was so funny. Bruce better be careful where he's tapping on that iPhone or he's going to accidentally order some penis enlargement pills :). And poor Steve waiting eagerly, so far away, while Bruce tries to figure it out. I felt for Steve, actually. "Fax sex" too, haha, oh my god, I can just picture it.

Julietds's response: Thank you! "Fax sex" is gonna be the next big thing...for Bruce, at least ;) I'm not sure Steve will appreciate it as well. Maybe, when he'll go home and take a look at all the boxes of penis enlargement pills Bruce inadvertently ordered, he'll begin to!
Comment by NeennE - 12/06/16 - 11:06PM
You already know I dug this one a lot, so entertaining and funny, and it's so easy to picture Bruce in a similar situation xD

Julietds's response: I didn't have to make much up after all, did I? xD thank you, it means a lot to me and I'm glad it wasn't too ooc or shitty as my second maiden fic ♡
Comment by Riguel*2000 - 12/06/16 - 08:56PM
This would actually be a hilarious fan fic! Fax sex, for the technologically not so nimble...

Julietds's response: I know right? I might think about writing a sequel, actually xD


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