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Just Like a High School Romance
Iron Maiden slash fic by Ellefstaineisreal

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1 -   Love at first cigarette?
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"I really hope that you're staring at that bloke, and not the children."
Published 06/04/17 | 2194 words | Slash | Adult
2 -   There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do
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"There's nothing I wouldn't do for you."
Published 07/16/17 | 1843 words | Slash | Adult

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Awww Dave, don't force Junior. That won't get you anywhere dear. I can see Dave is trying to deny the fact that he does need him. I honestly think he's falling for Junior. I wish Junior could see it too, but it's hard to see past Dave's stubbornness. What they did wasn't wrong, but I can see why society finding out would frighten Junior. I think they both need to sit down and talk things out. Get everything out on the table and let the other one know what is really on their minds. I hope Junior comes to rehearsal. I really want these two to be together. I am really liking this story, and I hope you continue it. Don't be discouraged about not getting reviews dear. Sometimes people may not know what to say, or they may be nervous. I know when I first started leaving reviews for people I was nervous. Just give it time :) I am sure people will review your work. It took me a little while to get people to notice mine. <333 Please update this soon. I am excited to see where you take it. —JessyUlrich, for trustno1's The Scorpion
Very cute! I can see them as young ones, sitting together when Chris would slyly bring that up. Thank you! —AFieldWithoutAName, for Riguel*2000's Birthday Boys
Nice update! (I do like that Lana Del Rey song, btw.) I like how you describe very realistically the internal monologue of Julianne and how she keeps on comparing herself and what she is used to with her new environment and the people she meets but I also like that you don't fall into the easy cliché of making the richer or fancier people nasty with her, because money doesn't make people nice or nasty, I think, often they are one way or the other regardless of what they have ont hei rbank account. It's just they have different habits and ways of life and you have to adjust. So this story keeps on being really good and quite realistic! —Riguel*2000, for 2ndplaceracer's I'm Bad at Life

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