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It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn
Guns & Roses slash fic by slashsgirl

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   The Darkness
611 hits/22 reads
4 Reviews
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Axl finally does something so horrible that Izzy's forced into action.
Published 11/16/14 | 1675 words | Slash | Adult
2 -   Never Gonna Let You Go Again
384 hits/10 reads
3 Reviews
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Izzy promises he'll never leave Slash again.
Published 11/16/14 | 3295 words | Slash | Adult
3 -   Time for a Little Revenge
334 hits/10 reads
3 Reviews
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Duff and Izzy pay Axl a visit...
Published 11/16/14 | 3190 words | Slash | Adult
4 -   Long Nignt
321 hits/9 reads
3 Reviews
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The rest of the night and the day after.
Published 11/17/14 | 2621 words | Slash | Adult
5 -   Bad Dreams
385 hits/10 reads
3 Reviews
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Nightmares and hospitals
Published 11/18/14 | 4266 words | Slash | Adult
6 -   Breakdown
407 hits/10 reads
3 Reviews
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Slash ends up back in the hospital and Izzy finally breaks down.
Published 11/20/14 | 5540 words | Slash | Adult
7 -   Laughter
310 hits/11 reads
3 Reviews
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Slash's POV on things.
Published 11/21/14 | 1482 words | Slash | Adult
8 -   Progress
283 hits/12 reads
3 Reviews
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Things get a little more physical
Published 11/23/14 | 3888 words | Slash | Adult
9 -   Greedy Bastard
292 hits/11 reads
2 Reviews
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Nine months of abstinence come to an end
Published 11/24/14 | 1896 words | Slash | Adult
10 -   Protection
200 hits/8 reads
2 Reviews
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Slash thinks about how he'll protect Izzy, even if it's killing him.
Published 11/30/14 | 2556 words | Slash | Adult
11 -   So Broken
224 hits/8 reads
2 Reviews
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Things from Izzy's POV
Published 12/15/14 | 5695 words | Slash | Adult

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