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If you don't use it, you don't always lose it
Megadeth slash fic by Julietds

Disclaimer: No harm or offence is intended by this story. This is pure fiction only inspired by players and, in some cases, by actual events. Either way, I don't know these guys personally and my writings are meant to be purely for entertainment.

Notes: Warning: mild violence.


You know fucking what.”

The brunette bit his lip, a now concerned expression on his face.

“I'm not gonna humiliate you. I can't even understand how did you come to this. Shit, look at you.”

The redhead sat on the floor, knees bent to his chest, strong, bare arms hugging them. Even with his jaw clamped and his muscle tense, he appeared miserable. Reddish locks fell on his sweaty face, his eyes half-closed suggesting what the bassist hope wasn't going on again, for the umpteenth time. It was over a year David wasn't using drugs anymore. The same couldn't be said for his friend.

Dave snarled, too docile and wasted to stand up, yet a glint of sarcasm floated on his words.

“Do you want me to beg, Junior?”

David kept playing pretend as he cleared the table against the wall up, spying Dave every once in a while from the mirror in front of him. Thank God the dressing rooms weren't pits anymore for them. Some things had changed… others had not.

David sighed, hoping Dave would cut it out soon. “We already talked about it.”

The redhead cocked a brow, a clear sign he was getting irritated. There were better ways to talk Junior into it though, he knew it, so instead he took a deep breath trying not to show the tension running through him and looked up. Seeing the arrogant expression on Dave's face, David shivered expectantly.

Hit me.”

The sly tone the older man used to spit out those two simple words, put his friend on a string, forcing him to swallow even if his mouth was dry as a desert, just to get a reply out.

“Stop it, Dave.”

“I know you want to” the redhead whispered diabolically.

His tongue flicked to the corner of the mouth, like a hungry snake slithering around his prey, as the game kicked in. By the end of the tease, David would look like a man dying of thirst, dangling from the devil's vicious lips, eager to drink his venom. That's what used to be, at least. Back to when David was using too.

“I know you do want to get clean, deep down inside. I offered you my hand already.”

Dave chuckled bitterly at those words. His friend had turned into a total prude.

“You'd better slap me with that same hand, Junior” he slurred, on edge, “if you don't want to be dragged down again.”

David's back tensed as he put the cup of coffee on the counter before him and turned to face Dave. A couple seconds later, he was staring the redhead from his height. Without making a sound, the guitarist grab his hand and closed his eyes, kissing it. David stroked the older man cheek. How did they get so low?

“Please…” the redhead whispered, his voice now barely a throaty pleading, almost like the weakest of moans.

David pulled back his hand as if he burnt himself. Dave was hurting, he could read it in his eyes and that thing was affecting him in ways that scared him every time more. He would do anything for him. He did anything for him. He ruined his own life to follow him down in hell and back and was that the way he paying him back? Drowning and taking everything down with him? David felt a pang of anger biting his chest, rage now getting pumped by his bitter heart through all of his veins. How could Dave be so selfish after all David did for him? He was drowning their creature, Megadeth. He was drowning everything. Their hopes, their careers, their lives. David's life.

The brunette sucked in air and before his brain could stop his arm, his palm hit the redhead's cheek hard.

For a moment, he felt like he just had to let the steam and the anger evaporate through his skin to come back to normality but when he met Dave's pitiful look, he realized he wanted more. It wasn't so odd and new, for an ex junkie and a not-so-ex junkie, how a single gesture could be so liberating and satisfying for them both to the point they needed more. No, they craved more.

All things considered, that was a step up from living in deadlock. Silence was broken and, for once, not by useless words either Dave would've ignored or David would've gotten sick of repeating. At least, this seemed to be the relief the bassist had been waiting for for years, if not an effective message for the guitarist too.


It was the redhead's time to dangle from the other man's will. Dave licked his lips, eyes closed as he waited impatiently for his punishment. Splitting the air, a second slap was delivered a few seconds later, this one was harder and harsher than the first one.


Seeing him so needy made David hesitate, this time.

“Dave, I…”

“I said harder! Don't make me beg.”

You're the only one I can ask, Dave thought, cursing himself. He knew that was the truth. David was the only person still by his side after all those years. Despite everything, all the tricks they played on one another, they were still together. Like two faces of the same coin. Even if they ever wanted to get rid of the other one, they both knew it couldn't have worked. A growl escaped the redhead's lips at the thought, as if he couldn't restrain himself anymore. The only one.

In the meanwhile, without any other change of mind, the younger man grabbed the redhead by his hair and unexpectedly punched him on the jaw, taking his breath away. It hit him hard, grazing his skin till he groaned in pain. This time, he didn't have to ask cause a second punch hit him right on the cheekbone and then a third one, in quick sequence, on his nose, the merciless pace David picked giving him no time to recover.

After a last couple of blows was delivered, splitting his lower lip and making warm blood run down his nose, David stopped. The two were both out of breath, as they recovered from what had just happened. It's not like you don't like it, a voice inside David's head whispered. And he seems to like it as well...

“Gag me.”

Wait, what?

Those words made the young man's brows furrow for a moment, but when Dave's eyes raised to meet his, he was infected by the flames of lust dancing into them. He needed to do it. Dave needed him to do it. There was no way out. Not anymore.

Quickly, David unzipped himself as the redhead regained control of his body and bent on his knees. He must've come down from whatever he was on or maybe that was just a rare moment of lucidity on the rollercoaster of insanity they both had been riding for years, either way he looked eager to try it. In the meanwhile, David decided to turn his conscience off for a while. It was the best choice.

“Open wide” the brunette ordered, his tone unyielding while he freed himself.

He was already offering his dick to the other man, when he noticed Dave's was aching and trapped into his jeans too. So Dave has a thing for a pain. How come I haven't got to know it earlier? David gave himself a couple of lazy strokes before gripping Dave's hair roughly, savoring the sense of satisfaction he had been longing for, as his dick met that warm, wet tongue.

Sticky pre come soaked the soft, rosy pad before the redhead engorged him to more than half of his length, those hazel eyes still reminding David what his job was.

With a subtle nod, the brunette pushed Dave's head roughly against his pelvis, holding him there for a while as he enjoyed the feeling of that thigh cavity grinded him whole. Spasms milked him as soft groans of surrendering came out of Dave, turning him on even more.

“Suck it” the younger man commanded, now steadfast, as he got the other man off his member.

The guitarist coughed for a while, crawling on the floor.

“C'mon Dave, cut the crap. We both know you wanted it so what's the point in acting as the victim?”

Hazel eyes flashed up at the musician, hungry for more action. This time, however, David could tell Dave wouldn't just lay down and take it, his body and his mind starting to fight the cure with all the pugnacity left. That didn't seem to be a problem, though. David always appeared to be peaceful and calm, never eager to fight, while Dave was the hot-tempered one. Then again, everybody knows a reason to fight is more valuable than senseless anger when it comes to face your best friend ruining both your lives forever. Well, David knew.

His hips hurried to straddle Dave's hips and his hands hurried to pin his wrists to the ground.

“I'm not gonna let you win like I always did. Not this time. If this is what takes for you to learn the lesson, fine then.” The bassist's crawled up to his friend's face, ready for the second round. “And now open up the nice way, so I don't have to choke you for real. Alright?”

Wrists still pinned by David's hands, Dave had a few choices left, so he just turned his head to face the wall, trying to wriggle away.

“Alright, you brought it on yourself.”

In one slick move, David got one of his hands free and planted a knee on Dave's crotch to prevent any bad move on behalf of the singer. A hand straightened the redhead's face coarsely, holding it in place as the bassist implemented his plan. Trying his best to avoid the older man's bites, he plugged his aching nose, smearing his own fingers with blood. Dave fought for some time before surrendering, out of breath, and opening his mouth.

“Good boy” David said, sliding his shaft down the guitarist's throat once again, fucking his mouth fast and hard. It didn't take long for him to reach the edge of his orgasm and soon enough, the singer was forced to swallow his friend's come as the sweet friction of his cock against the rough fabric of his pants and the endless grinding of his hips against David's leg made him come undone too, wetting his jeans.

Spent and satisfied, David got off the redhead and tucked himself back in before offering a hand to the messier man.

Dave stared at him in disbelief and slapped it away but the hand didn't move.

“My offer still stands.”

It took the redhead some time and he had to fight with his pride, but not long after he grabbed the extended hand and hugged his best friend, abandoning himself to his welcoming warmth. After all, if you don't use it, you don't always lose it, David thought.

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Comment by mrsjimbert - 08/16/16 - 10:10AM
Hot, hot, hot!! Submissive Dave, wow 😍

Julietds's response: Thank you! I was a little unsure about this one but I wanted to try out something new... Glad you enjoyed it!


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