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Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters slash fic by Julietds

Disclaimer: No harm or offence is intended by this story. This is pure fiction only inspired by players and, in some cases, by actual events. Either way, I don't know these guys personally and my writings are meant to be purely for entertainment.

Notes: The following started off as a drabble, uhm...
This is my first fanfic involving Alter Bridge, don't hate me too much for doing this to Mark! My love for that man is endless but I just needed too, Myles is always so supportive towards his...ehrm...idol.
Anyway, reviews are always appreciated so let me know what you think about it! :)
This is pretty ironic, you know?

When I said I admired this guy, I was referring to his heroic enterprises. I didn't know him in person, but he had always given me the impression to be some kind of modern easygoing Clark Kent. I couldn't imagine I would witness to some action – and what action – so soon and it might be the wine talking, but now that he's unbuttoning his jeans in front of me and his shirt is on the floor, I guess I can say he's blessed in more than one way. Not that he needed to get undressed to prove it, the mere outline of his manhood spoke for itself.

“You still with me, Myles?”

He smiles brightly, clearing his throat. I like how low and husky his voice is. Just like it sounded through the screen. And the radio. And the speakers of my stereo. And the amps, those few times I sneaked away from Mark to see Foo Fighters play over the last months. The truth is that I wanted to take a closer look of him and, as you can imagine, it isn't exactly easy. Now I have my chance. I like how my name slips out of those rough lips, like I'm some kind of treasure... or maybe just a toy. Either way, I feel honored.

“Keep your eyes open baby, you don't wanna miss what's coming next...”

A knowing smirk flashes me, reminding me how aware, gloating and at the same time amused he is by the discovery of being my idol.

My gaze travels up and down the trail of hair starting from his navel and disappearing into the boxers as open legs straddle my hips and a muscular tanned torso towers before my eyes. I can feel his callused fingers brushing against my lower belly, teasing me, neglecting his arousal on purpose cause he knows someone else is gonna take care about it.

“I couldn't shut my eyes even if I wanted to.”

It's just a murmur that fades away with the brunette's image, when a totally different voice and a hand shake me from my sleep. I squeeze my eyes and yawn, casting a glance at the alarm clock. Too early to deal with this stuff.

“Who were you talking to?” Mark asks me, looking upset for a while. I shrug and pretend to fall asleep again even if I'm curious and he knows it. It wouldn't be the first time, but it's not like it really bothers either of us. I love Mark. Even when he mocks me for acting like a fangirl toward my favorite frontman.

“Whatever, I had to wake up anyway” he surrenders and stretches to kiss my forehead, earning the tiniest of smiles.

I have to admit I feel kinda guilty right now, but at the same time what exactly am I supposed to confess? 'I was talking to my secret lover whom I just betrayed you with, even though he barely knows I exist'?

“This headache is killing me... Where did you hide the aspirin?”

He gets up and head to the toilet. I roll on my side, giving my back to him and smirking as he swears under his breath, trying to sort through the pile of medicines we keep in the bathroom's cabinet. He has no idea what tidiness means, so I'm the one designated to organize drawers and cupboards. It's my silent way to redemption, I guess.

How could I ever admit I was dreaming of dry humping Dave Grohl again, anyway?

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Comment by GunsForever01 - 02/11/17 - 08:25PM
Great job! I would love to see more of this if you ever decide to write more about these three! I hope you continue to write! :)

Julietds's response: First off, thank you very much! Glad you liked it :) I've been thinking to write a follow-up for a while now and I might jot something down sooner than expected. They're such pleasing muses :D
Comment by midnight_moonlight - 01/07/17 - 12:49PM
Good idea for a story! I wondered how you'd pull that one off. Very hot and sensual, even with so few words. Great work!

Julietds's response: Thank you very much! And to think it started as a drabble... I'm all about crack pairings these days :D
Comment by CrazyInBC - 01/05/17 - 10:56PM
I liked it! 😃

Julietds's response: Glad you did - thank you! :)


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This is so well-written. Sincerely. You have a gift for the flow of a story, and I get a good idea of the characters' personalities and the way they interact with one another, even though I'm not super-familiar with them. —BaronZemo, for Espea's A Long Way to the Top
Aw man. I think we can all relate to what Neil's going through, with him thinking that his writing isn't good enough. I can definitely feel what he's feeling as he desperately tries to think of what to write. But maybe he'll get some inspiration from Justin's writing? I like the fact that he read it, despite everything that's going on. He seems to be simmering down a bit, beginning to come to terms with the whole situation. I like that he started being affectionate with Alex again, even if it was just hand holding. As he said, it was a big step for them after everything that went down. I also liked Neil's musings about how this could be his family - him, Alex, and Justin. I would like that, and I'm sure all of them would too. I'm wondering how Neil is gonna deal with this new situation, what he might do about his book. Like I said, maybe Justin's writing might inspire him to work on fiction. That'd be pretty cool. I also like that he had someone to talk to about all this, and get advice from. I kind of agree with Brutus on the whole thing regarding Justin and Alex's cheating - the incident was fifteen years ago, and Alex is just trying to save his kid, asking Neil to help even though he knew it could destroy everything. Also, Neil still doesn't know all the details of the situation - I wonder how that'll ever get revealed, if it even does. I hope so - then maybe Neil will fully understand if he knows everything. I'm glad that things are starting to look up a little for Neil and Alex, and I hope Neil can find a way to work through the situation with his writing. Can't wait to see where this will end up!
Dalauranator, for farewelltokings's Felix culpa
Sorry it took me so long to read and review this last chapter. I like saving final chapters of stories I've enjoyed so that I can savor them even longer. Have I mentioned in previous reviews how much I love John? If not, I absolutely love John! If I have, it more than bears repeating. Where would Alex (and even Kyla) be without him? Especially after the events of the previous chapter. So wise and patient and compassionate. In some ways, he's my favorite character of the story. The trajectory of his and Alex's relationship feels very natural and believable. I really like how Alex went from lamenting how John pales compared to Geddy and wondering if he settled to gradually becoming closer and eventually embracing and celebrating the dynamic he has with John. As a remarried widow, I can say firsthand that this is very true to life. Some counselors and fellow widowed people caution against pursuing new relationships within X amount of time, but in my experience, you really have to listen to your own intuition above all others. That seems to be what Alex has done in this story with regard to John, and it turned out to be the right choice in the end. So to say that I appreciated this story on a deeply personal level would be an understatement. :) I also have to say that, as messed up as it may sound at first, I'm glad that Alex was angry at Geddy and questioning their relationship before Geddy was killed (the second and final time). This undoubtedly saved Alex from another round of soul-crushing grief, or at least tempered it in a way that allowed Alex to stay positive and heal. I agree fully with Alex's rationale as to why Geddy's final act was the right thing to do for everyone involved. And I also liked how the subsequent conversations with John were focused on the importance of honesty and getting to know each other fully. The epilogue was a particularly soothing and satisfying read. I can't think of anyone more deserving of a happy ending than Alex and his family, even if the journey to that end was bittersweet and often painful. Thank you for another wonderful read. Your characters always feel like friends to me, and your writing style is superb. I look forward to reading more of your work. And what are these rumors I've heard that you're getting tired of writing fanfiction or running out of ideas or whatever it was you alluded to? Say it ain't so!
Augustine, for farewelltokings's Open Secrets

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