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Escaping Snakes
Guns & Roses slash fic by slashsgirl

Disclaimer: I only own my ideas!

It’s five am and I groan wondering why the hell I’m awake. Then a feel tickling on my back; lips; “Izzy why are you awake? It’s five in the morning!”
“I’m horny, and so are you, I can smell it” he says half serious, half joking. The part about him being horny the half serious part.
“I’m sleeping and so are you, I can hear your snoring!” I groan pulling the blanket back up to my shoulders.
“No, I’m awake and my hard on’s digging into your back see?” he says, pressing himself up against me.
“Ridiculous, I think one of the snakes got out and that’s what that is, you had better run for dear life, they don’t like you you know,” I tease. In fact I had better go back to sleep if a snake’s out or it will want me to feed it and wake up all the other snakes with the sound of rats squealing…”
“It isn’t going to be rats that are squealing it’s going to be you,” Izzy whispered his lips moving from my back up onto my neck and my ear. I whimper as his tongue follows the curve of it and then he moves down to suck on the sensitive skin between my ear and my jaw. I groan and pant as he sucks and nips at that spot that makes me weak in the knees and my stomach flutters and my dick starts to harden.
“Mmmph, Izzzzyyy,” I groan as he bites down.
“What beautiful, what is it that you’re trying to say?” he whispers in my ear, his breath tickling and making me shudder. He starts sucking on my neck and dips his tongue down into the curve of my collar bone making me gasp. His hand traces patterns on my chest and moves lower. His fingers glide over my belly button and then move up and down the trail of hair that runs from my navel down to my pubic hair, stroking, teasing and I cry out when his lips and tongue return to that soft spot behind my ear. “Do you want to ask me something Slash?” he asks me, nibbling on my neck.
“No,” I groan hoarsely, still playing the stubborn role because I know it means he’ll try even harder and his touch feels so good…my cock is now fully erect and straining at my boxers.
“Are you sure?” he asks, “because I think you do,” he chuckles and frees my cock from the tight confines of my shorts letting it settle comfortably against my stomach. “I think you definitely wanted to ask me something,” he tells me more insistentl;y again sucking behind my ear and ghosting his fingers over the head of my cock swiping the drop of pre-cum that’s formed there and bringing his finger to my mouth; gently smearing the liquid over my bottom lip which elicits the automatic response of my tongue running over it. I taste myself as I do it and bite down on Izzy’s finger and snake my tongue around it. Fingers in my mouth is something I get off on. I like to suck his fingers one by one for like I was sucking his dick. It’s an amazing fucking build up to actually sucking his dick for both of us. It makes him moan and squirm like a girl and it makes me harder than steel.
He smiles into my neck and sucks harder. He moves his hand from my mouth and suddenly he’s not touching me anymore. I whine in protest but suddenly two fingers run over my lips again and I open my mouth a little; he knows I will and that I want my mouth wrapped around his long, calloused, guitar player’s digits. He swipes his thumb over my tongue filling my mouth with the taste of his own leaking seed. At he familiar, salty, taste of him I arch my back and grind my ass into his cock; sucking lightly on his thumb, trying to find more of his taste but there isn’t any more.
Izzy groans and moves his thumb out of my mouth and I try and grip his wrist to keep his hand still and where I want it but he’s too impatient and apparently in the mood to pleasure me and not the other way around; I’m not going to complain but I do love to hear him moan and scream at my touch. He pulls my curls and bites down hard where he’s been sucking eliciting a very aroused and unidentifiable sound from me. “Everyone’s going to know what we’ve been doing now,” he laughs. “This bruise on your neck is going to tell them all they need to know. Now let’s try again: what were you asking me?” he whispers and pulls my head back so that he can look me in the eyes.
“I was asking you to fuck me,” I whisper back.
“You were asking me to what? I can’t her you pretty boy,” he says evily and pulls my hair harder making me wince.
“Fuck me Izzy, please baby, please fuck me,” I say louder, my eyes pleading with him.
“What’s that?” he asks biting along the curve of my ear.
“Please Izzy, please fuck me hard!” I practically yell. He lets go of my hair.
“That’s what I thought you said,” he purrs into my neck. His hand disappears from my hair and I know he’s reaching for the lube next to the bed. Sure enough I hear him flip it open and he rolls onto his back to spread it onto his fingers. He shoves me over onto my own back and growls “Get those boxers off now!” I quickly obey and he kneels between my legs and pushes one finger into me, watching my face as he slides it in and out. He’s not hurting me and when he’s sure of that he works a second finger in. I scrunch up my eyes a little in discomfort and he leans down and captures my lips in a gentle but lust- ridden kiss. I relax around his probing fingers and he slides the third one in. It hurts and I whimper against his mouth. “Hush now baby doll,” he coos into my ear. Push down and let me open you up so you can take me. I do what he asks me to and his fingers slide in easily. He begins stretching and scissoring me open to him. Suddenly he crooks his fingers and rubs them purposefully over my prostate. Pleasure shoots through me and I scream his name against his lips which are again pressing into mine; his tongue opening his mouth like his fingers are opening the rest of me to him.
He keeps stroking me there, pressing and circling and skimming back and forth. He smiles down at me and asks “Oh, do you like that beautiful? Do you know how fucking beautiful you are? You’re fucking gorgeous all splayed out and begging underneath me. You don’t have any idea how beautiful you are do you? That’s why you hide that pretty face behind your hair all time isn’t it, because you worry that people won’t find you attractive. You should let people see you and how gorgeous you are. Everyone should see those brown black eyes and how they shine.”
“You do the same thing gypsy boy; hide behind your hair and your hat. But the first time I actually saw your face and looked into your eyes they were smoldering. I thought I might cum in my pants when I saw the way you were looking at me and you were so goddamn easy on the eyes. I wanted to throw you against the wall right then and kiss you until your lips were bruised and you were begging me to touch you.”
“Oh you have no idea how many dirty things I wanted to do to you the first time you walked into band practice; shirtless and so fucking hot with absolutely no idea. You were young and innocent and ripe for the picking with this “fuck you” attitude. I wanted that innocence. I wanted to be the first one to turn you on to guys and fuck you like there was no tomorrow. I wanted you on your back begging me for more like you are right now.” He rubs and presses into my prostate again and licks up the side of my neck. I’m fucking seeing stars and groan and scream into his neck and fist his long, soft hair. He grins and locks his mouth back onto mine, still stroking and probing that spot inside of me that brings me so much pleasure while sucking on my bottom lip and biting it until he draws blood; which is an amazing mix of pleasure and pain so intense I think I might have died and this has surely got to be heaven. But I want more, I want to cum and my dick is rubbing against his every now and then, a tease that leaves me gasping for breath.
“Fuck Izzy touch my cock please! Please touch me please!” I beg arching my back in want and only succeeding in assisting his internal ministrations by increasing the pressure of his fingers.
“No baby doll, I’m not going to touch you but you are going to cum for me and then I’m going to fuck you hard and you’re going to cum for me again. Now behave or I’ll leave you here and go jerk off in the shower.” I writhe underneath him and he uses his free hand to push me down onto the bed and pin me there.
“Please touch me Izzy, I can’t take it touch me please, please!” I’m almost yelling and random cries of pleasure and frustration issue from my mouth.
“No,” he says simply and speeds up the movement of his fingers inside me while leaning down to suck behind my other ear.
I can’t breathe for a second and my body stiffens up and I cum so hard I think I’m exploding into a ball of white light. “Izzy oh fuck Izzy!” I scream and then just scream as my back and hips come up off of the bed and my cum explodes out of me. He starts licking it off my chest while I’m still cumming and I pull his hair and shove his head towards my cock and he laughs and sucks the head of it hard pulling a strangled noise out of me and he keeps sucking and stroking my internal pleasure zone until I’m just weakly thrusting into his mouth and whimpering, unable to make any other sound. Then his tongue laps up the rest of the cum that’s squirted onto my body. He runs his hand up and wipes off what I shot onto his chin. He leaves me silently pleading when he pulls his fingers out of me and greases up his cock.
“You want me baby doll? Do you want my cock in you?” he asks me and moves his rock hard shaft over my soft but rapidly hardening one. I nod and he thrusts into me suddenly, before I expected it. He pushes in hard crying out above me as he does so. “God fucking damnnit Slash you’re still so tight!” he groans. I think that he’s got to be so engorged he’ll blow his load in seconds but he surprises me. He reaches down and strokes me with a lube covered hand and slams into me hard, once again hitting my prostate. I stiffen again quickly and he grips me harder, his fingers tightening around my shaft and pumping me in time to his thrusts. “Come on Slash, you know you want to cum for me again, cum with me. I’m gonna make you cum even harder this time, I want to hear you screaming for me again. I want to watch your face and those beautiful eyes turn black when you cum again.”
“I can’t cum again, you made me get off so hard. I got nothing left,” I pant. He changes the angle slightly pressing into my prostate even harder.
You can do it,” he pants never slowing down. “Come on baby doll, you know it feels good,” he coaxes, ghosting his fingers along my dick. He strokes around the head and then down kneading and tugging gently on my balls.
“Shit Izzy!” I hiss arching into his hand and his cock. An evil smile spreads across his face as he fucks me even harder and starts pumping me in time with his thrusts. “Mmmm, Izz, how and why do you do this to me?” I ask in a strained voice practically fucking his hand.
“Because I can,” he growls, his eyes lit up with an insane amount of excitement. He feels my dick twitch and pulse in his hand and my belly contract. “Now, do what I said Slash and cum while I fuck your tight little asshole so I can blow my load!” he orders me and tightens his grip on my cock.
It’s too much, his telling me what to do and taking over my body, his hand, his thick cock thrusting into the most sensitive spot inside my body as hard as he can; hearing his animal like grunts as he fucks the hell out of me, the look in his eyes which have gone completely feral. I feel myself contract hard and I yell and choke my way into a second orgasm. Izzy squeezes so hard it almost hurts and yells out and closes his eyes as he explodes inside of me. He cums so hard he turns bright red and he’s screaming my name and a bunch of nonsense and cursing as he rides me like a wild animal until he can’t stand the sensation anymore and then pulls himself out of me and collapses onto my body, his hair and face and chest sliding over my cum covered torso as he tries to breathe again. I seriously worry about it for a second when I finally hear him pull in a labored, noisy breath. He can’t speak, I can’t speak. I’m shaking like a leaf and so is he. After what has to be a good ten minutes he finally whispers “I told you that you wanted to fuck me. Snakes escaping my ass!” I just limply reach up and stroke his hair.
“There was a snake. Now be quiet Izz, I’m sleeping and so are you.” I hear him snore for real and laugh to myself and stare at the ceiling for a second before I really am sleeping again.

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Comment by: Anonymous [Login or Register]

Recommend story
Comment by Moon - 12/20/15 - 05:11PM
Great description of spontaneous sex, while being still sleepy :D I´m not really into Izzy/Slash, but that was damn hot! :D Great done :)

slashsgirl's response: Well thank you! Slizzy is my otp :) Glad you enjoyed it!
Comment by Nexus - 09/09/14 - 05:00PM
Sweltering hot. "Now behave or I’ll leave you here and go jerk off in the shower". Yes, sir! Never thought I'd read this pairing but Slash is growing on me.

slashsgirl's response: Slash is hot! I've been hopelessly in love with him forever!
Comment by idiot - 08/18/14 - 02:46PM
That was amazing ! Love your writing ^__^

slashsgirl's response: Thanks!
Comment by lali - 08/18/14 - 12:01PM
Lord have mercy..Slash is Slash and my way your way everything goes.. xxx

slashsgirl's response: I love Slash and in 3 weeks I will be watching him from the 7th row at one of his shows w/ Aerosmith!


slashsgirl's response: I'm so totally psyched!
Comment by beatvegan - 08/18/14 - 09:30AM
That was one of the hottest things I've read on here!

slashsgirl's response: Slash and Izzy make me hot!
Comment by Lisbeth Laufeyson - 08/18/14 - 02:24AM
This is really good. I dont have a particular fave pairing in guns n roses but im liking this one :)

slashsgirl's response: They are my favorite together!
Comment by slashsgirl - 08/18/14 - 01:26AM
You know I love Slash and Izzy together, I told you it's my weakness!
Comment by sgSixx - 08/18/14 - 12:44AM
thanks for writing something with izzy

slashsgirl's response: I have 7th row tickets to the Slash/Aerosmith show in DC in three weeks!


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