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Anything Goes
Guns & Roses slash fic by BlackoutRose

~ Table of Contents ~

1 -   Finding Izzy
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He extended his hand under Izzy's arm and offered it out to me. I didn't take it, my arms were still folded. Axl meets a "friend" of Izzy’s who will change the way the two Indiana natives see each other forever...
Published 01/10/16 | 1397 words | Slash | Not so adult
2 -   Forming Hollywood Rose
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I stared at him in the darkness. And I could feel his eyes staring back. I think we both had this weird ability to sense each other’s moods, almost. It was just a thing we had. He wanted me to be the singer? And...did he really mean it when he said he needed me? The same guy who virtually turned me away from his apartment a half hour ago?
Published 01/11/16 | 1178 words | Slash | Adult
3 -   A Second Meeting
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Hopefully Izzy was home. I didn’t really want to talk to that Spike any more than I had to. Every time I thought of him, all that came to my mind were images of him plowing Izzy on some messy, unmade bed. I shivered. Fuck...He didn’t get to lay his hands all over Izzy like that--
Published 01/12/16 | 1552 words | Slash | Not so adult
4 -   The Med Student
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Spike was kneeling next to me, holding my wrist gently in his hand, glancing at his watch. What the--? Holy fuck! What the hell happened? What did he do to me? Oh God, oh God!
Published 01/15/16 | 1371 words | Slash | Adult
5 -   I Was Worried
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And sure enough, there he was, standing in the doorway, with a strange expression on his face. It looks like a cross between surprise, relief, and worry. It was a face I've never seen him make before. What the hell was that about? He didn't say anything right away.
Published 01/17/16 | 546 words | Slash | Not so adult
6 -   Meeting Chris
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Meanwhile Izzy was staring across the table with this dumbstruck look on his face, like he can't believe what he just heard. Hasn't he been paying attention to this entire conversation? Idiot.
Published 03/17/16 | 863 words | Slash | Adult
7 -   Why Did I Come Here?
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I shouldn’t have said what I said to him. I know that. I should have just shut up and drank my alcohol. But I was so angry and so hurt, and I wanted him to feel the pain I was feeling, the pain that ate away at me like an acid, that hurt with every pulse of my heart-
Published 03/17/16 | 1574 words | Slash | Adult
8 -   Ain't it Fun?
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“What the FUCK is your problem?!” Izzy screamed at me, sending razor sharp needles of pain through my head. “Look, I’m sorry that you feel shut out, but you didn’t have to go and pull a stunt like that! Especially not in front of Chris! Fuck that!” He kicked the coffee table. And Bowie took cover in the kitchen.
Published 05/05/16 | 1440 words | Slash | Adult
9 -   This is Awkward
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“Oh, hey, guess what?” No thanks, would rather not, Izzy…
Published 05/10/16 | 1225 words | Slash | Adult
10 -   Revelation
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We sat down on the edge of the huge fountain that somehow hadn’t been vandalized yet. The water was running and it made slapping sounds as it hit the pool. Coins glimmered at the bottom. But something was still bugging me.
Published 05/10/16 | 2046 words | Slash | Adult
11 -   More Sleepless Nights
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Call it a hunch, but for some weird fucking reason, I just knew they were more than friends...they had to be. The thought made something in me smolder and I clenched my fists...fuck. Why does that thought bother me so damned much?
Published 05/11/16 | 747 words | Slash | Adult
12 -   Breakdown
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How could this happen? This is a nightmare. This can’t be...this can’t happen.
Published 05/11/16 | 1232 words | Slash | Adult
13 -   Why Did I Come Here? (Revisited)
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9 Reviews
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I made to knock on the door but I was so dizzy I think I missed. Or maybe I didn’t...I didn’t know and I didn’t fucking care… I hope you’re there...please’re all I have left…
Published 05/13/16 | 2044 words | Slash | Adult
14 -   This is a Moment
131 hits/18 reads
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If you don't do this! You WILL do it now! Focus! Don't run away from your feelings like you always do!
Published 08/14/16 | 1972 words | Slash | Adult
15 -   Say Fuck It
112 hits/16 reads
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Was it what I wanted? Was this the right thing to do?
Published 12/13/16 | 2271 words | Slash | Adult
16 -   Silence isn't Golden
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I've seen the way you look at him, and talk to him and touch him. Like he's fragile, almost. Or something you just--I don't know--love.
Published 08/17/17 | 1153 words | Slash | Adult
17 -   Why?
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Wait...what? He’s...actually glad that he met me? Wow. Never heard that from anyone before, let alone someone like him. Did that mean he--?
Published 08/20/17 | 1421 words | Slash | Adult
18 -   People Living in Competition
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We climbed back in his truck and he cranked up the sputtering ignition, the only thing louder than my thumping heart. Oh fuck.
Published 08/21/17 | 1230 words | Slash | Adult
19 -   Good Morning
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My face flushed. He smelled good, like the cologne my brother used to buy with his allowance. Spike ran his fingers up my shoulders, so lightly that it almost tickled.
Published 08/31/17 | 720 words | Slash | Adult
20 -   With Friends like These...
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I heard a loud click behind me. Turning around, I saw that Chris had locked me out of his car and was waving at me and gesturing me to keep going up onto the porch. Bastard.
Published 10/05/17 | 905 words | Slash | Adult
21 -   Unforgiven
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I took a deep breath and changed my tone to what I hoped was a warm one. “I came here for you.”
Published 12/06/17 | 1228 words | Slash | Not so adult

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