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Story submission rules which will be followed or your story will be taken down and you will be asked to reformat it.

1. Spellcheck with a US or UK English spellchecker and proofread before posting.

2. If English is not your native language, we commend you for writing in English. However, this means writing in English, not running your story through Google Translator and publishing that. As we all know, Google Translator is shit. Find a beta who will help you translate into commonly used, spoken English.

2. Basic punctuation must be correct: capital letter at the beginning of each sentence, proper ending punctuation at the end, etc. Possessives must be properly formed as well (Axl's shriek, not Axls shriek).

3. Dialogue punctuation must be correct. Many people get this wrong, especially when it comes to when to use commas vs. periods and when to use For an explanation of correct dialogue punctuation visit

4. Every paragraph must have a blank line between it and the next one. This includes brief dialogue paragraphs as well. If you're unsure of how your story should look, check out other stories on the site.

Helpful hint: Take a look at well-reviewed stories already on the site and model your formatting and punctuation after those. reserves the right to remove any fics posted to the site for any reason and without notice. However, the most likely reasons for removal of fics include:

  • Explicit sex involving anyone under the age of 16
  • Explicit sex between an adult and a minor
  • Plagiarism or other intellectual property rights issue
  • A request from the musician(s)/band(s) or any other real person whose name was used in the fic
  • The fact that the posted "fic" wasn't actually fic. (People come to Rockfic expecting to read fanfic about bands; anything else posted to the archives will be removed. Repeated offenses can get your account suspended.)
  • The fact that the posted fic didn't have anything to do with bands or musicians (real or fictional). does not police the content posted to the site. If you believe a fic has violated one of the rules above or for some other reason should be removed from the site, please contact's administrators. You will need to provide the title of the fic, the name of the author, and the reason you are reporting it.


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