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I admire how realistically you handle the relationships and emotions in this story. Just because Lars and Jerry have reunited doesn't mean everything's sunshine and roses with the other people they care about. Of course there will still be hurt feelings and complications. I'll be interested to see how these get worked out. I suspect that Layne's feelings for Jerry and Kirk's feelings for Lars (and maybe for Jerry too) are going to bubble to the surface sooner than later. Looking forward to more as always!
Augustine, for Lisbeth Laufeyson's More than words
So relieved that they made up. Lars couldn't be any more adorable if he tried (although I'd still love to see him try!). I enjoyed the Jerry-Mike friendship too. It was nice to have a moment of levity amid the melancholy. Let's hope these two can learn from past mistakes and grow together. (PS: this story is like the Days Of Our Lives of bandfic, and I mean that comparison in the best and most complimentary of ways. Romantic, dramatic, and addictive!)
Augustine, for Lisbeth Laufeyson's More than words
Way too short a chapter my friend! xxx
lali, for thisisoutofourreach's Inside of me, I'm a Human Contraband

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