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Story submission rules which will be followed or your story will be taken down and you will be asked to reformat it.

1. Spellcheck with a US or UK English spellchecker and proofread before posting.

2. If English is not your native language, we commend you for writing in English. However, this means writing in English, not running your story through Google Translator and publishing that. As we all know, Google Translator is shit. Find a beta who will help you translate into commonly used, spoken English.

3. Basic punctuation must be correct: capital letter at the beginning of each sentence, proper ending punctuation at the end, etc. Possessives must be properly formed as well (Axl's shriek, not Axls shriek).

4. Dialogue punctuation must be correct. Many people get this wrong, especially when it comes to when to use commas vs. periods and when to use For an explanation of correct dialogue punctuation visit

5. Every paragraph must have a blank line between it and the next one. This includes brief dialogue paragraphs as well. If you're unsure of how your story should look, check out other stories on the site.

Helpful hint: Your formatting should look like this:

A tall black woman in a long, slinky red dress stopped at his table. She had flawless skin and subtle make up. Thick, long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and her red shoes, just visible beneath the dress, looked painfully high. With a sigh, she placed a hand on her hip and stared at him.

"Another drink, Mr Grohl?"

Picking up the empty champagne glass, he grinned and waved it at her. She took it and placed it on the silver tray that rested on her other hand.

"Where are your friends, Mr Grohl?" She sounded exasperated, as though dealing with a child. It was what he expected of people after he'd had a few drinks.

He shrugged, suddenly feeling uncomfortable in the suit jacket and shirt. "Don't know. Gone."

"And no one wants to talk to you?"

"Not tonight, Lucy, obviously."

Lucy rolled her dark eyes. "Well, I'll come and keep you company if I have to. Or maybe you can watch some of our fine entertainment."

His face lit up. "You'd come and sit with me?"

"Only if you behave." She pointed a red polished finger at him. "I've heard about you and I'm off the market so you can keep those hands to yourself."

Raising them above his head, Dave chuckled. "Yes, ma'am!"

6. Your stories should have fully developed characters in them. This is fine if you're writing just band members. However, if you're writing original characters we need to know their name, quirks, what they look like etc. Anything that involves an "insert your name" character will be deleted without a warning. reserves the right to remove any fics posted to the site for any reason and without notice. However, the most likely reasons for removal of fics include:

  • Explicit sex involving anyone under the age of 16
  • Explicit sex between an adult and a minor (To clarify, a minor is classed as someone who is under the age of consent in the country or state that your story is set in. Age of consent by country/state can be found here. Please note: If the age of consent is unspecified or under 16 then your story will still be removed and your details may be given to the authorities.)
  • Age of Consent by State/Country
  • Plagiarism or other intellectual property rights issue
  • A request from the musician(s)/band(s) or any other real person whose name was used in the fic
  • The fact that the posted "fic" wasn't actually fic. (People come to Rockfic expecting to read fanfic about bands; anything else posted to the archives will be removed. Repeated offenses can get your account suspended.)
  • The fact that the posted fic didn't have anything to do with bands or musicians (real or fictional). does not police the content posted to the site. If you believe a fic has violated one of the rules above or for some other reason should be removed from the site, please contact's administrators. You will need to provide the title of the fic, the name of the author, and the reason you are reporting it.


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ok so I already can't normally sleep on a good night because my brain likes to replay things that have happened since I was a fetus, couple that with the high anxiety I am blessed with and ya got yourself a hot barely functioning mess! Then I go ahead and think -I'm going to read this it proabaly isn't that bad.. I'll be aight- lol .. uh ok. This is amazing!! Literally gasped aloud when it was revealed to be Duff as the young chimney sweep.. *shudder* poor guy.. I also suffer from "situational claustrophobia" as my doc puts it.. i could feel myself tensing up and feeling like I was in there right along with him. It made me feel queasy. Then the voice below threatening to burn him? Yuck. Fire scares the shit outta me. Imagining being caught on fire stuck in an enclosed space got my mind going lol. THEN as he's trying to sleep and he hears the voice.. omg .. creepy as hell. So yeah, this will keep me up I'm betting lol. So good and I can't wait for the next chapter! :) —CrazyInBC, for Slaxl19's The Chimney-Sweep
Oh man. That was heartbreaking in more ways than I could possibly count. I was holding out hope that after hearing Christine's story, Dave would realize who REALLY belonged in hell and find some way to kill Kevin and deliver him to Satan instead. Is there any chance that can happen in the final chapter? Get Satan to agree to release Christine in exchange for her abusive murdering husband? I know, I's not my story to write. It's just such a horrible injustice that she should be the one to be condemned, all for simply being unable to bear the pain any more. At least Dave recognizes the injustice as well. I wonder if he'll rebel in some way, or at least find a way to work within the confines of his bargain to punish people who actually deserve it. By the way, it's a testament to your skills as a writer that you've evoked such a passionate response from me. And speaking of skills, you have quite a gift for descriptions and dialogue and storytelling all around. I loved the way you described the two disembodied souls wandering through the rain. Very vivid, very creepy. Most of all, I enjoyed your characterization of Dave. The way he spoke, his body language, even the thoughts that ran through his head. They all seemed very authentically Dave. A cynical hardass with a soft, vulnerable side. Just the way I like him. ♥ Excellent job on this story so far! Love the concept, love the execution (no pun intended). Looking forward to more. —Augustine, for rockingandwriting's Six(Six Six) Souls
Wow, Rob doesn't fuck around, does he? I was shocked when he just flat-out torched his own house. But then I realized it makes sense that it look like he and Steve perished in the fire (if that was indeed his intention) so that Liam would back off. Speaking of Liam, I hope Coverdale and the other elder vampires have him on their Most Wanted list and are actively trying to track him down as we speak. Glad to hear to Vivian survived even if he had to be turned in order to save him. I'm also glad that Steve's wounds weren't so bad as to necessitate that just yet. I'd rather see Steve grow and learn a bit more and enjoy more time as a regular human before Rob ends up turning him. I like their vampire/human dynamic. Nice to see Steve continuing to be strong and assertive despite the trauma he suffered. I'm eager to see Viv again and find out who else might be introduced into this story. Nicely done once again. I look forward to the next installment. —Augustine, for blacksapphire's A Touch of Evil

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