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  • Plagiarism or other intellectual property rights issue
  • A request from the musician(s)/band(s) or any other real person whose name was used in the fic
  • The fact that the posted "fic" wasn't actually fic. (People come to Rockfic expecting to read fanfic about bands; anything else posted to the archives will be removed. Repeated offenses can get your account suspended.)
  • The fact that the posted fic didn't have anything to do with bands or musicians (real or fictional). does not police the content posted to the site. If you believe a fic has violated one of the rules above or for some other reason should be removed from the site, please contact's administrators. You will need to provide the title of the fic, the name of the author, and the reason you are reporting it.


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aw, I really liked the feel of this. sweet. —therealgloria, for Melody's Moving On
Okay, I usually don't like Slaxl, but that one was so fucking adorable and... Aw, just cute. —Mentalperson, for tangerinetangerine's The Best Painkiller
read again...i stil think you know izzy really fucking well. English is perfect. groupie sludge says iz was sweetest and best in bed and never treated em like groupies. are u him pretending? i dunno...but jesus u know izzy. im hlad this is a non gay fic. ive written a couple only cuz they get more ratings. but i prefer the hetero ones. i hope u read the,. if u dont want gay don't read "forbidden" or "under black wings" The hetero ones ate "careful what you wish for" "right next door to hell" "unexpected" anf "Fairy Castle" —sgSixx, for izstradlin's Stop Crying Your Heart Out

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