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Deep breath, Nex, deep breath... I'm loving this so bloody much but I'm conscious of the fact that I'm letting my rapacious fantasies get ahead of me and perhaps a demonic BDSM scenario is not quite what you had in mind. Either way you are an enchantress and I adore this. James, devour him. Bleed him. Destroy him. YES. Okay, going to play with a puppy now. —Nexus, for lali's The Blackness of Your Heart
O.MY.GOD!It's great! Ahh, I cant wait to see the continuation ^_^ <3 —idiot, for sgSixx's An Evolution Theory
Cassie and Pete in the Otherworld with the majestic backdrop of redwood giants. This was utterly beautiful and I adore how open ended you have left it. I have recently suffered a loss too and Cassie's inner dialogue about death and the motions we go through in reconciling an uncertain future with an unresolved past rings true. I absolutely loved this and can't wait to read the next parts.
Nexus, for Steele Dreams's The Last Pete and Cassie Story Ever

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