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Mrs_Dark_Knight8's The Curious Case of Sebastian Bach
Feedback by Espea - 05/05/17 - 07:39PM
Again? No but seriously, I think you've got plenty of people hooked on the setup, and now you're killing us while waiting for the payoff. xD

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Feedback by Oppie Mocha - 04/20/17 - 10:57PM
Oh my gosh a Skid Row fic! I love this

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Feedback by therealgloria - 04/20/17 - 10:53PM
Super nice to read something about these boys. I like it! Will be looking for the next chapter, thank you.

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Feedback by Riguel*2000 - 04/20/17 - 06:02PM
Am very excited to read a Skid Row fic. I can't understand how com there anren't many more; Baz is just totatlly fic first class material. Will be waiting for the next chapter and see how and what Rachel is doing further...

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