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Mrs_Dark_Knight8's Let Me Be Your Backdoor Man

Chapter 4
Feedback by clideclant - 09/30/17 - 03:08PM
OK so that was incredible hot… And you have written a great fic so far! Please update soon!

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Feedback by Seventiessex - 08/04/17 - 12:08PM
Oh please please PLEASE write more of this! It's so well written and I'm loving it!

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Feedback by BabyRann - 04/26/17 - 01:53AM
Jimmy, now you learn that life isn't that easy!

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Chapter 3
Feedback by tangerinetangerine - 02/27/17 - 09:10PM
Oh, you have me hooked, my dear! I just love every bit of this. Alas, all the nerves and blunders of high school romance- you gotta love it. I enjoy how Robert is already getting used to Jimmy, and I just LOVE Jimmy trying to "Page" his way out of Robert's cornering him. Sounds exactly like something he'd do.Jimmy's revulsion regarding studying was quite amusing as well, and his musings of studying Robert's ass. I mean, wouldn't we all? And I'm quite intrigued by "the incident". I'm sure we will learn more shortly, but Jimmy's reaction melted my heart. He's determined to make Robert his, and I'm so looking forward to seeing how he does just that! Their flirting over lunch was just adorable. Swoon. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: :) I'm so glad you like it. Yup, Robert is getting used to Jimmy being Jimmy. Oh yes, more on "the incident" is coming soon. Poor Robert is clueless, has no idea Jimmy is considering tying him up and keeping him in his closet. Wonder how he'll react to that bit of information hahaha Thanks for reading, will update soon ;)

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Feedback by Espea - 02/23/17 - 02:26PM
XD I was just checking rockfic on my lunch break and this was here. Oh man, but Robert just adorable and I wonder if Jimmy is starting to realize that he won't want Robert as just a one time thing? (If he hasn't already, that is)

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: Jimmy can be a bit hard headed, but I think he's starting to get it. xD

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Chapter 2
Feedback by clideclant - 02/18/17 - 07:56PM
I just found this story--it's golden! The perfect high school drama… Can't wait for an update soon!

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: I'm glad you liked it xD I'll try to update in a few days

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Feedback by tangerinetangerine - 02/16/17 - 03:16PM
Squeal! The plot Robert is feeling Jimmy as well. The set up of their English grades was quite clever, and if Robert will be tutoring him, this means extra time together ;) Wonder what that could lead to. And this Carlos character... very interesting. Clearly he and Jimmy have a mutual dislike for each other- so what is the truth? Who's the asshole? I suppose only time will tell. "God, Americans were weird." Ha! I chuckled. An understandable reaction. I really enjoyed this.

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: Oh Carlos, he's something else xD The bad guy maybe? We'll see. Muhahah, will update soon :) Poor Robert, surrounded by strange Americans.

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Chapter 1
Feedback by mrsjimbert - 02/23/17 - 07:30PM
Interesting twist that it's set in the present! I rarely see that done. Jimmy and robert are the cutest couple ^u^ this is gonna be a great story!

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: Thank you, glad you like it

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Feedback by tangerinetangerine - 02/16/17 - 03:03PM
Aw :) I love Robert as the literature-loving hippie, and of course Jimmy as the moody slacker. Very cute. Jimmy already seems to be falling hard! Looking forward to seeing where this goes... this is a creative idea!

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: I'm glad you like it, will update soon :)

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Feedback by jules_ohara - 02/16/17 - 02:28PM
“Hello.” He replied, trying his best not to sound like he was about to fail literature. “How was class?” Lol

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: My life in a sentence xD

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Feedback by Scumblequeen - 02/08/17 - 02:41PM
Ah I feel all nostalgic having spent a great deal of my time trying to study Othello by simply browsing through sparknotes^_^ good times. I love this soo much. It's adorable! Can't wait for the upedate <3

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: Ugh, yeah I tried to pull that once. I mean I read the book, but I had like two exams on the same day and decided to rely on Sparknotes... needless to say that shit does not work with Jamaican exams, because they are a million and one times harder. Thanks for reviewing, I'll try to update soon :)

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Feedback by sand_box - 02/08/17 - 02:53AM
This is amazing... I second what BabyRann said lol

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: hahah :D thank you

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Feedback by BabyRann - 02/08/17 - 01:13AM
Your story makes me smile while reading. Not only Robert and Jimmy, also Bonzo and Jonesy are way too cute! Especially I love the part Jonesy says "Oh, but he's shit at literature." twice and he calls Jimmy Princess though he's also dainty a bit. (Sorry if he is kinda macho in your story) Very hilarious. Well, I'm waiting for the chapter where Robert let Jimmy be his backdoor man.

Mrs_Dark_Knight8's response: I'm glad this made you smile. "he calls Jimmy Princess though he's also dainty a bit. (Sorry if he is kinda macho in your story)"-- haha no it's fine, John is a bit of a princess himself. I'm very much looking forward to writing that chapter ;) Thank you for reading.

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