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Julietds's Down to where the vipers spit

Chapter 10
Feedback by WestHamBabe - 12/25/16 - 05:15PM
I have been enjoying this story SO MUCH & can't wait to read more. Really enjoy the way you have been weaving this story along.

Julietds's response: Thank you, glad you liked it so far :) I hope inspiration will be back very soon, cause it was fun to write too!

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Feedback by CindyDickinson - 12/22/16 - 03:36AM
Awww yes finally! ❤ I love this chapter. Now we wanna know what happens next in the bedroom... :P

Julietds's response: Thank you very much! ❤ I know,right? I hope my muse is gonna come back soon!

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Feedback by Foodislife - 12/17/16 - 10:56PM
Well, I'm happy! Thanks Dave! Amazing chapter!

Julietds's response: Thank YOU! Dave only did the dirty job xD

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Chapter 9
Feedback by CindyDickinson - 12/16/16 - 05:36AM
So excited for the next chapter!!! Totally digging this fic. Amazing writing skills & great story. I really hope Steve and Bruce end up together somehow 😂❤

Julietds's response: Thank you very much!! Glad you're enjoying it. Only time will tell... the next chapter is coming very soon ;)

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Chapter 8
Feedback by Foodislife - 12/14/16 - 04:16PM
I have a feeling that Dave's up to someting lol xD great chapter!

Julietds's response: Most certainly! After all, we know he's not a daisy, haha. Thank you for being still here, anyway xD

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Feedback by NeennE - 12/14/16 - 03:08PM
Hmm. I have a feeling Dave isn't quite truthful towards the end there, he's gonna trick Bruce. I'm 100% sure xD

Julietds's response: Was it before or after we talked about it? Haha, you impatient woman! xD

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Chapter 7
Feedback by NeennE - 12/06/16 - 11:07PM
And the shit hits the fan, so much drama and it's very welcome! Can't wait to see what happens next, though I have my suspicions regarding who called. Update soon :)

Julietds's response: You'll be happy to know this is just the beginning then, more drama is coming :) and about the mysterious call... at least for once, Paul's not involved!

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Feedback by Foodislife - 12/06/16 - 09:39PM
I hope nothing bad happened to Steve. I hope Paul leaves the both of them alone. But this was a very well written chapter!

Julietds's response: Thank you very much! I'm afraid I can't promise stuff on Paul's behalf though... ;)

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Chapter 6
Feedback by Foodislife - 12/05/16 - 07:47PM
I am still loving this fic!

Julietds's response: And I'm still loving yours reviews! Thank you :D

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Chapter 5
Feedback by Autumn Moon - 12/01/16 - 12:18PM
Can't wait for the next chapter 'cause I have the feel Paul left to cause some trouble haha. Excellent job so far :)

Julietds's response: Thank you very very very much, I appreciate it ♡ it took me a while, but it's finally up! And I swear Paul is up to no good ;)

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Chapter 4
Feedback by Autumn Moon - 11/29/16 - 04:39PM
With Paul here now you've got me totally hooked. I love where this is heading, though. I'll wait for the next chapter C:

Julietds's response: That's what I was hoping for, haha. And I've just uploaded the new chapter ;)

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Feedback by Foodislife - 11/29/16 - 02:10PM
I hope Paul doesn't cause too much trouble for Bruce and Steve, but I love this story :D

Julietds's response: I feel kinda guilty for making him do certain things but I can't help it, he fits perfectly into the role of the bad guy!

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Feedback by NeennE - 11/29/16 - 01:42PM
Definitely digging this story, but I can tell Paul is gonna be trouble in the future, this is intestine for sure! Can't wait for the next chapter ;)

Julietds's response: Yup, you can bet on it! And the next chapter is up ;)

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Chapter 3
Feedback by Foodislife - 11/25/16 - 07:24PM
Ohhh I still love this story!

Julietds's response: And I still love your reviews for sure! More fun is coming ;)

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Chapter 2
Feedback by CindyDickinson - 11/24/16 - 06:59AM
Aww such a cute beginning. I'm really curious what happens next between our shy little Steve and stripper-Brucey. Very nice writing so far :)

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Feedback by CindyDickinson - 11/24/16 - 05:39AM
Aww such a cute beginning. I'm really curious what happens next between our shy little Steve and stripper-Brucey. Very nice writing so far :)

Julietds's response: Thank you! What can I say? Steve is the cutest subject ever. The third chapter is up btw, you can go find out now ;)

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Feedback by Foodislife - 11/23/16 - 09:07PM
Ohh, at first I was worried that Bruce would walk away from Steve for good, but I'm happy they're drinking together, I'm super excited for more chapters!

Julietds's response: Oh, I wouldn't let him ;) after all, it's much more fun to have Steve begging for forgiveness, isn't it?

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Feedback by NeennE - 11/23/16 - 06:09PM
You know what I think of this story and you know I'm waiting for more with excitement, this is gonna be fun!

Julietds's response: Yay! And you know what a bad person I am, so no spoilers will escape this time haha kidding, thanks hon :3

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Chapter 1
Feedback by Autumn Moon - 11/23/16 - 09:02AM
Loved this one. So much. Please continue it, I'll be waiting :)

Julietds's response: Thank you very much! I'm happy you do, chapter two is already up :)

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Feedback by Foodislife - 11/22/16 - 06:27PM
So far, I'm loving this story! I like it a lot!

Julietds's response: Thank you! More is coming soon :)

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Feedback by NeennE - 11/22/16 - 01:13PM
Ooooh, you finally posted it! Can't wait to see where the next few chapters will be leading, and to see the continuation, but I really do dig it so far, I'd read part of it but getting the full story is a nicer treat for sure. Also, i love how you portrayed Steve, very accurate to what's been said, so that's a plus point. Keep going! :3

Julietds's response: Oooh, I did ;) you'll be happy to know the next chapter is coming soon and the following is almost done too. I know what you're waiting for, hehe... but as I said, you'll have to wait! I'm glad you liked it so far though, thank you very much :3

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