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starpupil's The Farce (Should've given them the Donkey!)
Feedback by Marys - 01/10/17 - 04:55PM
" Izzy helpfully suggests that Duff should don a red wig and alternate between being himself and their front man. Duff thinks this is a wonderful idea. Management type people don’t." God, I almost fell off the chair! I laughed so hard with this!!! Brilliant!

starpupil's response: Hey there! Happy 2017 to you and thanks as always for reading, reviewing and enjoying. Love that it made you laugh!

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Feedback by xyliana - 01/07/17 - 10:30PM
I read this when it first came out and apparently didn't comment on it! I laughed so hard throughout this entire story! You got me curious to try giquila, I won't lie. Steve and his damn Speak&Spell were hilarious, and during the barrage scene all I saw was Duff hitting homers with a person of small stature instead of cups, keyrings and the like. This really was an outtake from National Lampoon, and the last two lines fucking killed me! Freaking great job and happy 2017 to ya!

starpupil's response: I should point out that while giquila really does make you sleep like the proverbial log, it also causes projectile vomiting so not advisable to try it!!! Thanks for reading and reviewing. Much love to you!

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Feedback by jules_ohara - 01/05/17 - 04:45PM
This is the funniest fanfic ever. I especially like the Speak&Spell and Duff hugging the mic stand. He does have a great ass.

starpupil's response: Huge thanks! Duff’s ass is an obsession of mine. An unhealthy obsession! Thanks for reading and sending feedback. Happy 2017 to you!

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Feedback by Royo - 12/27/16 - 01:29AM
Thank you for the story. It's great, funny, i love it :) *hugs* :)

starpupil's response: You're welcome! Delighted you like it!

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Feedback by envygreen - 12/26/16 - 12:18AM
Imagining Duff holding his guitar backwards while Slash is playing Mr. Brownstone all by himself really tickled my funny bone and I couldn't stop giggling.

starpupil's response: Thank you for reading and giggling! Have a great 2017!

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Feedback by CrazyInBC - 12/25/16 - 07:22AM
😂 this is so great!!

starpupil's response: Thank you! Hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2017!

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