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Julietds's A lonely way to be
Feedback by Aristide1 - 08/29/16 - 02:50PM
Thr inner monologue of poor Jason io brillint- IF it is Jason

Julietds's response: Theoretically, it could work! Tbh, Jason as narrator would twist my view on this story a little, since the one who's talking is Dave. A still-crazy-in-love-with-his-old-flame Dave. These two have more than one thing in common, though!

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Feedback by NeennE - 08/05/16 - 09:14AM
This is so sad, kicks you right in the gut despite how short it is. You know I love your writing, but this dribble packs and extra punch, glad you uploaded it! :3

Julietds's response: Yeah, I was in the mood for some melancholy I guess! Thanks for dropping by man, your reviews are always very appreaciated ;)

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Feedback by Autumn Moon - 08/05/16 - 02:30AM
Oww, this broke my heart :| poor Dave, I can totally relate to him. Kudos though, great work ^^

Julietds's response: Thank you very much! Counting mine too, three broken hearts are better than one :')

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