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slashsgirl's Colors of Sunrise

Chapter 9
Feedback by Mellon - 02/05/15 - 02:41PM
Clap clap clap clap. This is so amazing, izzy n slash are too cute

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Feedback by sgSixx - 02/05/15 - 12:28PM
Oh my god that was perfect! Yes that explains so fucking much! God it's like so believable! I'm in awe!

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Chapter 8
Feedback by beatvegan - 02/02/15 - 01:08PM
Love this. I like seeing the past. Can't wait for pt.2

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Feedback by sgSixx - 02/01/15 - 06:48PM
ohhhh that was great. Lafayette sounds just like where I live lol. cant wait for pt 2

slashsgirl's response: I modeled it on the town where I grew up and where my parents still live. Do you that down there (south west VA, about 20 min. from WVA) the churches are still segregated? I could get away with nothing as a teenager, my mom even taught English in my hs! I got the hell out of there the day after hs graduation and never looked back. Now I like going to visit but don't ever want to live there again! Glad you enjoyed it!

sgSixx's response: and i though texas was backwoods lol

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Chapter 7
Feedback by beatvegan - 02/01/15 - 10:52AM
Oh my!!! Who ever thought kissing could be so hot!!!

slashsgirl's response: Glad you're still enjoying it!

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Feedback by sgSixx - 02/01/15 - 10:42AM
that was really nice but can izzy stop fucking long enough to tell me about axl lol

slashsgirl's response: Izzy can never stop fucking! Lol! I needed the transition chapter; he can't just randomly start thinking, he has to switch from using one head to the other one first! :) It's up my love and part two of it is coming!

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Feedback by Lisbeth Laufeyson - 02/01/15 - 05:25AM
Aww these two are so sweet. This was a pretty hot chapter, loved thr description of the kisses.

slashsgirl's response: Thanks! He could only try those lips out one time so he couldn't let go!

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Chapter 6
Feedback by BlackoutRose - 01/27/15 - 12:46AM
This was so powerful... oh wow...

slashsgirl's response: Thanks!

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Feedback by Mellon - 01/26/15 - 10:40PM
I have read this fic from the start and i really hate Axl for what he has done. Slash didnt diserve that that shit. God i hate him so much!! Sash n Izzy are amazing together i wish he would just fucking axcept it!!!! I sortov feel bad for not Sympathising with him, but hes such a dick

slashsgirl's response: I have a love/hate thing with Axl. I love his voice and his anger but he's such a jerk sometimes! I cannot call him crazy bc then I would have to call myself crazy; I get him but I just don't like him.

Mellon's response: That is axactly the way i feel about him too! Hes cool in the sense hes talented and quite inteligent, ill admitt he used to be atractive and yeah his voice is awesome but he can be a total dick! Its like im stuck between live and hate with him. Haha

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Feedback by sgSixx - 01/26/15 - 09:31PM
Wow major feels on that one. Need a chapter where he reflects back on him and izzy

slashsgirl's response: Mmm but he never really had anything with Izzy; he didn't want it until Izzy didn't want him.

slashsgirl's response: But you know, maybe I'll give Izzy that chapter since he was the one who had the feelings to begin with...

sgSixx's response: i think it would be an important bit of insight

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Chapter 5
Feedback by beatvegan - 01/10/15 - 01:24AM
Axl is a fucking lunatic!

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Chapter 4
Feedback by sgSixx - 01/09/15 - 10:30PM

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Feedback by beatvegan - 01/08/15 - 02:24PM
Again, I love all the dimension you've added to this story with multiple pov of the same scene and each and every pov is just as heartbreaking. :/

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Chapter 3
Feedback by beatvegan - 01/08/15 - 10:20AM
Threesome? Hahaha. Iz is so sweet with Slash.

slashsgirl's response: Funny you should say I've got to find the file on my computer!

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Feedback by Lisbeth Laufeyson - 01/08/15 - 04:04AM
Aw Duff really is a romantic. Its nice to get an outsiders persective on Izzy and Slash too

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Chapter 2
Feedback by sgSixx - 12/29/14 - 12:20PM
Wow. LONG. But it plays out like a movie in my head. Too bad I can't click and drag some of that shit lol.

slashsgirl's response: You like it? Not too cheesy? Not too mushy?

sgSixx's response: No it's very detailed, I can picture it.

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Feedback by Lisbeth Laufeyson - 12/29/14 - 03:55AM
So sweet again yet incredibly hot. Its been a long road for them both but, finally things are truly mending.

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Chapter 1
Feedback by Lisbeth Laufeyson - 12/29/14 - 03:22AM
Is it weird that a chapter full of so much hotness can also be incredibly sweet? Loved this chapter, very well done.

slashsgirl's response: No it's not weird they are sweet together!

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Feedback by Acillatem - 12/23/14 - 10:26PM
Yay! A great chapter. Poor Slash. But I like how patient Izzy is with him. And a happy chapter!

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Feedback by sgSixx - 12/23/14 - 11:32AM
Wow! IZ is one hell of a gift giver aint he?

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