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slashsgirl's Tour From Hell

Chapter 6
Feedback by StoneDiamond - 05/06/14 - 02:18PM
So far so good, I love it! You really have a good idea here, you should also check out my story Lost In Paradise! I would love to see what people think about it! Continue with the story :)

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Feedback by slashmulattopenis - 03/13/14 - 12:07PM
Aw beautiful!!!! Cute Axl in this one, and Izzy getting what he wants! I loved it:3

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Chapter 5
Feedback by slashmulattopenis - 03/06/14 - 01:06PM
Well i have to say that i like a lot that they are going on tour, it's exciting to me: Flights, hotels, gigs... And with fucking Gnr! Ahahahahha Beautifully written as always, and lovely love-making. <3

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Chapter 4
Feedback by Mika_olsson - 08/26/14 - 04:44AM
Love your stories !

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Feedback by slashmulattopenis - 03/01/14 - 09:44AM
Wow! This chapter makes the story deeper, with a lot of feelings, and when Erin tells the Aerosmith/Broken Arm thing... And the sex part it's so hot omg<3

slashmulattopenis's response: I've read it some more times. I can't describe with words how much i like it! *-*

slashsgirl's response: Glad you're enjoying it. One day I'm going to figure out how to get in touch with the real Slash! But until then I'll just keep writing! Glad you are enjoying it, working on another chapter!

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Chapter 3
There is no feedback for this chapter

Chapter 2
There is no feedback for this chapter

Chapter 1
Feedback by rockqueen - 11/20/14 - 10:25AM
Never imagined Slash and Erin as a couple but you made it so believable. Hope you continue with this fic, I'd like to read more about them.

slashsgirl's response: I've actually been working on it, but Slash and Izzy have been occupying my time as of late!

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Feedback by FirstComeFirstStaked - 02/28/14 - 06:35PM
Wow!!! Dude! This was awesome!! :)

slashsgirl's response: Thanks! It's not done yet! There are several more parts to this story click on my name and you can read them all. Starts with "I saw the world spin beneath you"

FirstComeFirstStaked's response: Oh yeah, I've already read those!! :) they are all really good as well :)

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Feedback by Banditkiss - 02/23/14 - 07:58PM
Very nice!

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Feedback by slashmulattopenis - 02/23/14 - 03:03PM
MOTHER OF GOD *ovaries exploding* Thank you for going on :')

slashsgirl's response: Yeah the story needed a sex scene. There's an Izzy/Axl scene coming too. Thanks for always reviewing

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