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Oh lady, and you tell me off about cliffhangers! This one's a doozy.

Tantalising glimpses; very pleased that Lis wasn't harmed (yet), but who is this mysterious sister? And what happened to their home planet? And why is it their fault? Ooo, questions questions!

As for the blasted, bloody empress - well, I can understand Henjo's reluctance. I share it. But perhaps there's a shred of decency left in there - after all, as I've (reluctantly) admitted before, she has every reason to be cruel. It's not like she was ever shown kindness, or even compassion; but perhaps she's rushed him into it a little too fast, and she's going to have to be careful not to overwhelm him. I still think she's evil though...

Very much still loving this! —Mad Andy, for Elenna's On the Rays of the Sun
Cool saw that coming ☺
Lovechild1990, for DemonLoveItLoud's The Difficult Double Lives of KISS
This was somber, beautiful, and completely realistic. You have a talent for getting emotion out. I think you captured the band's fears perfectly and you portrayed the personality of an addict perfectly. They always say they're going to quit but with inner issues like Steve's issues, they don't want to quit. The addict has to want to quit in order to quit. This was beautiful :) great job. —blacksapphire, for NWesternRockAddict's Sunflower in a Shadow

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