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I had no idea that looking for slash of my favorite Peppers ship was going to be this hard. After days of searching all over the web for the stuff, I wound up on this site, after I had given up on my quest and had simply searched for RHCP fan fiction. At first, I saw that there were stories with Chad, which brought me great joy, because he is my favorite member, but then I realized that I had to create an account to read them. Damn. But was it worth it? Hell yes, because I finally came across some sweet and hilarious Chadsciante in the form of this story. I loved this so much and I hope to see what happens next with our lovely "thugs"! —biollanthra, for notoffkilter's Good Times
This was awesome. Just really intense and very well written. I loved it! —imyourrocketqueen, for bodyfarmer's Of Awe and Veneration
"Phil dearly wished that he'd gotten such great head in the last ten years to make Tracii's great head into a dim, dusty memory, but that wasn't the case." XD I love Phil's voice in this story! And rabbi Elvis? A stroke of genius. I love how Phil's cats totally accepted Tracii into the family without Phil's permission, they of course know what's good for him! Great chapter :) —imyourrocketqueen, for BaronZemo's Going To The Chuppah and We're Gonna Get Married

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