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Some relationships are like the phoenix, end in flames, just to come back from its ashes. Lets hope they figure things out, because sometimes love is just not enough. Beautifully written as usual, I think not even you know the possibilities of your Good night guapetona. —lali, for Nexus's Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
When I started reading this story I had no idea it would affect me like this. Since you last updated until now, I've thought (and worried!) about it constantly. This chapter did not disappoint, of course. I'm enthralled with the fact that Junior made an appearance. I can feel my heart breaking for Duff and Izzy; then you mend it, only to smash it again. It gets me right in the heart every time. Dave's presence should definitely spice up the mix a bit. The details you put in your stories are flawless, like Izzy pointing out the similarities between James and Dave's opinions. I just... I just want Duzzy together... *sobs* You're tearing up my heart strings, and I want to kick you and hug you for it at the same time. This was amazing and I can't wait to see what is in store for the boys next. Note: The glasses. Oh, the glasses! *swoon* —tangerinetangerine, for Nexus's Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
A very real ending. Nothing lasts forever, people drift apart. Their lives were totally different at that time. I'm still a little bit sad though that they didn't stay together but I'll live haha! Things don't have to be rosy and good all the time. I loved the ending. —vulgardisplay, for alternative_daze's Fairytale Love Story

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