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You are an absolute master at imagery, especially how you describe something in such a unique way early on and then keep referring back to and building upon the representations until it just comes alive. Everything is put in such exquisite, painstaking detail. But I could say that about all your chapters. I loved the ominous feeling I got when the phone died despite being charged. I don't know if you meant it to reference fleeting mortality/ life-cut-short, but that's what it said it me, and now I'm not too sure they're all going to make it out alive. My favorite thing about horror in general is the gradual but eventual break-down of the human being, in not only the body but the mind. The characters here are slowly moving towards their breaking point (and, in a couple of their cases, have met it) and we get to watch them unravel and expose their innermost, primal emotions. I also loved how the last paragraph of this chapter mirrored the end of the last one, with Jonas' hands on the kneeling Anders' shoulders as the ravens circled like Jonas's father did with him. It carried over that chapter's surrealism very nicely. —speakingez, for Highway Joe's The Violent Sound of Snow
A nice happy ending to the night💚 —Greenenvy222, for Riguel*2000's I'm 50 but I'm still Izzy
Poor Molly :) But Charlie needed that final surprise all to herself for sure. This chapter WAS short, but also very sweet. I'm looking forward to more adventures with Charlie, Dave, and that cherry chapstick soon ;)
rockingandwriting, for Foodislife's Don't worry

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