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Aw, this was so, so adorable. Every time I think I can't love these two any more, you go and prove me wrong. Duff dancing with that snake and his reaction to seeing Slash watching him was hilarious! The scene where they got high and discussed all their respective vices and then went all philosophical...I have to say I realy enjoyed reading that, and Pink Floyd is the perfect soundtrack to such conversation, so good choice, Duff! It was so cute when they remembered when they first met, talking about their first impressions, getting all nostalgic and thoughtful about their relationship. Who knew, right? Who knew...*sigh*. Them teasing each other during the ice cream sundae scene, trying to one-up each other, and Duff's dad joke about popping cherries had me grinning like an idiot. Oh, and the part where Duff mock-apologised for the chocolate squirt was hands down my favourite! I'm intrigued to know what Duff means when he talks about making Slash his in a more permanent way. God, these write them perfectly. I can't believe I'm going to use this phrase because I absolutely hate it, and my younger sister would be luaghing triumphantly at me if she could see this, goes: these two are the very meaning of 'relationship goals.' There, I said it. *gargles with mouthwash* —Slaxl19, for xyliana's The Fuck Journal
""Fucking one fucking second, I'll fucking fucking fuck be fucking right the fuck there, motherfuck", said the golden sunshine creature that was James Hetfield." It's 5 am and that part made me fucking lose it. My dad is totally hating me right now and I love you. —Jocy, for onthe4stringmotherfucker's Four-String Motherfucker
Alright, you sold me on these two. Nicely done! If you'll excuse me, I'm going to be ferreting through your list of written stories like I should have done a long time ago. —biollanthra, for notoffkilter's It's Alright.

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