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You capture the mood so well. And the characters, and the dynamic between them. Can't wait to read some more. Ab-so-lute-ly adorable. And yes, also quite hot. —handsome_devil, for bromanceisbrutal's Time and Vodka
I certainly don't regret my choice to start reading this one as well. The detailed characterization of your protagonists that you manage to weave into the story so smoothly makes them so alive and so lovely. There were too many lines and passages in this chapter that I adored, very good work. The shyness and gentleness in this story actually is a nice contrast to the twisted BM pairing in the other fic (which I am still heavily in love with, though). —handsome_devil, for bromanceisbrutal's Time and Vodka
I don't know too much about the two bands and characters, but as I am waiting for STSD to continue, I dug into your other fic and I really like it. They both are adorable and I love the flirting, and the way they balance each other out, Jonne making up for the boldness that Jari lacks. By the way, absolutely loved the lines "Losing your nerve?" - "I never really had any...". Fantastic. —handsome_devil, for bromanceisbrutal's Time and Vodka

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