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Oh, Dave! Poor boy exploded! Very, very worried about these two sweet babies!! But... what an expressive and original way for our redheaded to confess his love to David! AWWWW! Love this Chapter with all my soul! Exciting and SO CUTE! —Flut2013, for pao_dreamer's High School Metal
Ouch, stupid Kirk for showing David something like that! Clearly not the wisest move.. but David's reaction was probably something he was going for. I hope everyone can sort some of this stuff out, and that David will have his first time with Dave... without anything evil to happen. —cherrygunner, for pao_dreamer's How the story ends
Aww, James and Cliff are so sweet.. I used to not like the pairing before, but you've warmed my heart for it with this story. I felt for James within this chapter, being a complete wreck but then finding peace of mind and happiness with your friends. Good work, keep it up, thank you :) —cherrygunner, for guvsanvant's Light Up This Place

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