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As arrogant as it may have sounded..... Izzy is right..... Duff lost slash the minute he hit him.... Yeah he may be pissed with their attitude even i would be but what is more annoying is that duff doesn't admit that slash has the right to live his life without thinking when will duff dump him for his wife.... If duff really cared about slash's feelings he wouldn't even spent 5 minutes with her.... Slash may be confused as hell right now but izzy hasn't lied to him as duff did.... Longest story i have ever read but one of the most Amazing ones i'm quite sure of that.... Please more chapters quickly..... Can't wait for what will happen next!
taniasantos, for slashsgirl's Through the Eyes of...
Come on, Duff, it's not fucking rocket science. You did a brilliant job building up the tension throughout the chapter. As soon as I read your description of the way tha jock was eyeing Axl, I got a nasty feeling. I guess I shouldn't he mad at Duff, it's not as obvious to him as it is to the rest of us. I love the way you set the scene, the awkwardness of the jocks and how out of place the band is, making it even cooler to read about them actually interacting with these people. I also loved the part where Slash extended his solos, that made me smile. I hope you update soon! —Slaxl19, for sugercandy's Sexual Innuendo
I've read this fic so many times but I still get a kick from it. You know me Andy, just love Bruce and Jan together so I'm in heaven.More please when you have the time. —janfan5, for Mad Andy's The Assassin

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