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Latest Reviews

Among all the other things I love in this... I love that you included John talking to his cats. That cracked me up. Anthony might be a little jealous? Hmm... This story is so cute and such a genius idea for you two to collab! I love this so much. I'm excited for more, and for Chad to wear John out, and for the handcuffs if he was serious, hahahaha —babyundercover, for notoffkilter's Scar Tissue
Oh, I love this! Please update soon. —Delicia12, for notoffkilter's Berberoka
Oh Anthony stop being so overbearing. I'm so happy Flea is the polar opposite because John and Chad are the cutest. Also love the interactions with John's cats. (Can relate.) —Warlordwillarise15, for notoffkilter's Scar Tissue

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