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OH MY GOODNESS this is so amazing I am absolutely screaming. I used to write Cure slash almost prolifically a few years back and it makes me so happy to see other people writing it too!! —figurehead, for horizon_greene's Afterimage
Loved two images here: Blood filled with quills and the "frenzied drum solo of his own pulse." And then I loved the surreal, quippy conversation between Jesse and Doug [and, erm, I've thought the lyrics to that song -were- "Hey, Jesse" until I watched the video you linked and read the lyrics] [cough], and Jesse's growing denial--which feels even more poignant as one catches on to a few throwaway descriptions and starts putting two and two together. I have a sinking suspicion that I know what happened [and is happening] to poor Jesse. Thoroughly enjoying the slow reveal [whether I've guessed wrong or not]. Still amazing, deceptively effortless-looking writing that just flows. As Mrs Ebert and Siskel used to say: "Two huge thumbs up!" —Highway Joe, for Augustine's Dia de los Muertos
There's just not enough words in these chapters! I'm really curious about this fic!
sgSixx, for The_Elder's Crashing And Burning

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