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Poor Steve. He really is trapped in a vicious cycle of insecurity, isn't he? It's almost as though gaining confidence onstage has merely pushed the doubts into other realms of his mind. The more he worries about losing Joe's affections, the more he subconsciously pushes him away and creates problems between them that actually put their relationship at risk. In psychology, this is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the things I admire about this story is how you depict the complexity of the characters' emotions. I empathize with Steve even at his most frustrating. Hopefully Joe will continue to as well. It was also nice to see Steve confiding in Viv again. I liked your depiction of Viv as the one everyone gravitates toward for reassurance. I was delighted to see an update to this story and look forward to the next. —Augustine, for blacksapphire's Day After Day
I love your way of writing so much, I really need more fics based upon the James/Jason relationship. It's beautifully written. —jamshetfields, for Lisbeth Laufeyson's Feral
Oh David and Dave. As Flut said, they definitely need each other now, just to survive from the not-so-nice persons around them. And who know's if they start to develope some real and visible feelings for one another... Then I would love this fic even more than now. I also like with everyone else how quick you update this. Thought this is so good I could wait for the next chapter for years if it'd be about it :D thank you. —cherrygunner, for pao_dreamer's How the story ends

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