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Oh my. Wow. The whole thing was absolute perfection from beginning to end. I will be looking forward to whatever scraps you toss our way next. —envygreen, for imyourrocketqueen's Last Show
Perfect finis from my fav boyz and fav author. I remember the excitement when I read the first chapter. When you had to hide it, I thought you gave up on it but your retur has been great. This chapter made me cry like a mom, like when she realizes her baby has grown up. Thank you for your effort and your creativity. Your writing skills are great. Please continue to writing with other stories cuz you're the best. Love you <3 —Amerikhastan, for pao_dreamer's High School Metal
oh shit, nikki's getting a rude introduction into the female persuasion —sgSixx, for BaronZemo's Tiresias's Eyes

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