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Yes! Okay, back to homework haha. I feel all teased though! —beatvegan, for sgSixx's An Evolution Theory
I think this is the first bondage fic I've read where anybody actually used their safe word! I couldn't help but giggle when poor Lars got freaked out and yelled "blueberry, blueberry!" and then did it again as he was being tickled. He was just all kinds of adorable in this story. And I don't even think Jason got off in this chapter, did he? I love that all he cared about (in spite of being the dom) was making sure that Lars felt good. I definitely vote for more of this pairing. In your hands, they're irresistible together.
Augustine, for Lisbeth Laufeyson's The coming out of the closet hour
Beautiful story —JPage69, for Freaky Random Guy's For the Guy who Played Moby Dick

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