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This is fantastic. Please write more. Alex seems like a very lonely man. —coldlikedeath, for Nell's Clockwork Music
You're fict is awesome! i hope you will continue! —RoseHds, for rockrbabexo's Fair Chance
you should have seen my face when I read that you were gonna post the next chapter today in your PM! xD I was so happy!! xD this was a great chapter dear! I'm actually changing my mind about some things. if you remember, I used to say that I want Izzy to end up with Duff. but Nikki and him seem like they are really in love with each other. I mean, I didnt see the same passion with Duff and Izzy. it looks like Izzy wants Nikki and we already knew that Nikki is in love with Izzy. now it really frustrates me because Izzy, no matter what he does, always seems to get what he wants. no matter how much he plays with Duff or no matter how long he stays away from Nikki, when he wants, he is immediately in their beds. I see him as a spoiled child to be honest. and that's why when I read the part about Mick, I couldnt help but wish he and Duff will get together in the party somehow! I really think Duff should forget Izzy and his mind games no matter how much he loves him. sometimes, you have gotta take a stand even if it brings pain. I think he could get over it. that being said, I am curious about the plan Steven was talking about! nice to see him back on his feet after the incident with Tommy! and I dont think I need to say that I LOVED Slash and Axl's scene!! will message you the detailed version of my thoughts about them (and the chapter) later! LOL, I told you, you got yourself in trouble! :D anyway, I think the party's gonna be very interesting! cant wait to see how will things turn out! awesome job as always with the descriptions and details! looking forward to reading the next one! <3 —JanisJk, for Panther's Challenge

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