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John is woken up, with unexpected consequences.... Read it
Characters: Daron Malakian, John Dolmayan
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 09/03/05
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,529 - Hits: 332 x17 x7 x5
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Aww this is adorable, I really dig it, the way it goes like something Dave would periscope and put out, and given what he has said it isn't even far off. Adorable little gem, entertaining as always! :3 —NeennE, for Julietds's One of those days
Still love this one, and it was a blast helping you out with the writing process, keep going as always ;3 —NeennE, for Autumn Moon's All in your mind
OK, wow. I usually like to infuse my reviews with some kind of chronological order, but that ending had me absolutely reeling. You mentioned the influence of magical realism, and it really comes through here more strongly than ever before, especially in that ending. You described the movements of the forest in such a way that I'm not even sure if it's a literary descriptive device employed for imagery purposes, or if it's a literal description of the forest coming to life and engulfing them so savagely. Both are plausible, both are equally captivating. I was kind of waiting for Anders to break down over these last few chapters, I could feel him slowly stretching to a breaking point, and his anguish here is visceral and I really felt for him. That scene reminded me of that part in the Blair Witch project where the guy just gives up and starts screaming for help right in the middle of precisely bumfuck nowhere. There's just something so chilling and dread-inducing about that kind of helpless desperation, and you conveyed it perfectly here. Their arguments and finger-pointing was pretty fun to read, though, it's a hell of a manifestation of cabin fever, isn't it? I wonder where Niklas and Roger are, but between the freezing weather and the vile terror that is the forest, I'm guessing they're not shacked up in some little old lady's cottage drinking hot cocoa and waiting for it all to blow over. By the way, one clever little detail you added that I have to flag up is the whole "not feeling your mouth" thing when it's cold, and your speech feels a little odd. You've mentioned that you don't have much experience with cold weather, and readi that made me smile because I've experienced that sensation a lot, and I just thought it was a great touch. Finally: great job gradually building the tension throughout this chapter and ending with the final cathartic horror that you did - I found the first couple of paragraphs, though distinctly eerie, to be extremely relaxing, in an odd kind of way. But then I'm a nyctophile, so maybe that's just me. As always, this was perfect. —Slaxl19, for Highway Joe's The Violent Sound of Snow

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