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John is woken up, with unexpected consequences.... Read it
Characters: Daron Malakian, John Dolmayan
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 09/03/05
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,529 - Hits: 337 x17 x7 x5
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Oh.My.God...!!! FINALLY!! This made me cry lol. I read it with tears in my eyes up until the girl without a frontal lobe was mentioned lol. So happy for Izzy! And Axl for pulling his head out of his ass long enough for it to finally dawn on him how much he needs Izzy.. so awesome.. I just hope they don't have to deal too much with Erin, cuz seriously, the way you guys have written her it wouldn't hurt my feelings if she fell and broke her neck in the shower or tried to bear hug an oncoming train.. or something .. but this entire chapter was the best!! Hopefully you girls let it continue for a lot longer cuz the two of them melt my heart 😊💕 —CrazyInBC, for slashsgirl's Through the Eyes of...
So adorable. Wonder how much of that bedroom entry was set up by Lars to happen just that way. Poor Kirk. Hopefully Jason can distract him and keep him from moping around while his brain won't turn off. —JDB217, for Scumblequeen's Rumors (high school Au)
FINALLY! You guys just made this the best Christmas ever!!! Seriously, I have waited so long for Axl to get his act together and get Izzy back. It all sounds so perfect; too good to be true. I've gotten this feeling before with this story, but now, I really do think everything is going to be okay. Maybe Axl and Izzy won't fight anymore. Maybe Izzy's smack intake will drop down. Maybe Nikki will just stay in Japan and die. It'd truly be awesome, but I know it's not gonna be like that. Nikki's been playing this game for far too long to not try again. He's determined, and that's extremely unsettling. I just hope Axl is more determined to keep Izzy...
The_Elder, for slashsgirl's Through the Eyes of...

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