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This Christmas eve,celebrate the holidays with some of your favorite bands as they do their best to get each other the perfect gift................ Read it
Characters: Ace Frehley,Gene Simmons,Paul Stanley,Peter Criss
[G] - WIP - Last update: 11/30/16
Chapters: 10 - Words: 3,935 - Hits: 278 x25 x4 x7
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Doc White's Ghost Tales -an O'Shag Halloween Special   0 reviews
AU, as is the main parts of The O'Shag Chronicles. It's Pre-Halloween time at Tech for the Rock Music scholarship program, and the residents of O'Shag and Newman have nothing to do! Bon Scott rescues his Peer Mentor group from boredom and trouble, and takes them on an adventure across the windy campus to meet an old professor with some odd, creepy, yet hilarious stories about possible paranormal activity in his (haunted) house. A crackfic based on true stories of a professor with a lot of humor and fluff.... Read it
Characters: Angus Young, Malcom Young, Phil Rudd, Joe Elliott, Pete Willis, Rick Allen, Rick Savage, Steve Clark, Bobby Blotzer, Juan Croucier, Robbin Crosby, Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini
[G] - Finished - Last update: 10/29/16
Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,307 - Hits: 31 x0 x0 x2
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!The O'Shag Chronicles: AU   29 reviews
A very AU comedic series of one shots (following a multi-part pilot) where many of our beloved rockers and metal heads from several bands are put on the campus of a huge land grant college in the eastern Appalachian mountains of Virginia for a special music scholarship program, and experience complete chaos in dorm life. Includes Stevie Nicks, along with members of AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Heart, Megadeth, Metallica, and Rush. (Will later on include Scorpions and U2 as foreign exchange, and guest appearances by Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, GnR, Ratt, and Motley Crue)... Read it
Characters: Bon Scott, Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Malcom Young, Phil Rudd, Bun E. Carlos, Rick Nielson, Robin Zander, Tom Petersson, Joe Elliott, Pete Willis, Phil Collen, Rick Allen, Rick Savage, Steve Clark, Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Mart
[G] - WIP - Last update: 07/15/16
Chapters: 32 - Words: 92,197 - Hits: 878 x135 x35 x152
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Whispers in the Day [Sequel to EITN]   26 reviews
After some peace for a few months, some feuds never die. Some never forget and some bitterness will always remain. Grudges won't be forgotten but neither will alliances and loyalty. [Sequel to Echoes in the night and other bands may be put in] ... Read it
Characters: Joe Elliott, Pete Willis, Rick Savage, Steve Clark, Tony Kenning, Vivian Campbell, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, Vivian Campbell
[M] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 10/01/15
Chapters: 12 - Words: 24,186 - Hits: 335 x49 x17 x14
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CSI:Los Angeles   4 reviews
This is another -lame- CSI, with.. Rockstars as Agents/Detectives!!! Yay! Also, the song (Which HAS TO BE by The Who) that i'd use as the theme song would be "I Can See For Miles" which is ironically being used as the theme song for the new installment, CSI:Cyber. Anywho, Enjoy!... Read it
Characters: Tom Keifer,Rick Savage,Izzy Stradlin,Lita Ford,Nikki Sixx,Randy Rhoads,Bobby Dall,Rudolf Schenker
[G] - WIP - Last update: 01/19/15
Chapters: 2 - Words: 905 - Hits: 336 x18 x10 x8
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In the Still of the Night   2 reviews
"In the still of the night I hear the wolf howl honey, sniffing around your door. In the still of the night I feel my heart beating heavy, telling me I gotta have more . . ." (AU—Werewolf. Part 2 of the Moonlight series.) ... Read it
Characters: Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Rick Allen, Rick Savage, Steve Clark
[S] - Finished - Last update: 01/02/13
Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,058 - Hits: 838 x45 x22 x21
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Rocket, Yeah   11 reviews
Jon had a feeling he knew what the three sitting around David's laptop were snickering at. Joe had sent him an e-mail about an hour ago letting him know the show was over and what time his plane would land in Jersey. The time frame meant only one thing: the guys had pictures from the show.... Read it
Characters: Jon Bon Jovi,Joe Elliott
[S] - Finished - Last update: 09/14/07
Chapters: 1 - Words: 410 - Hits: 346 x27 x9 x7
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Whorelympics   6 reviews
Twelve men gathered in Tico's suite bright and early (well, noon, but that was early enough), six dressed in as little as possible without actually being naked.... Read it
Characters: Jon Bon Jovi,Tico Torres,Phil Collen,Rick Allen,Jens Ludwig,Tobias Sammet,Henjo Richter,Kai Hansen,Andi Deris,Kai Hansen,Markus Grosskopf,Bruce Dickinson,Nicko McBrain
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 07/21/07
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,539 - Hits: 432 x28 x6 x6
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Blue Haze   12 reviews
As his eyes drift closed his mind remembers a different scent. It's an echo, a faint, frantic flutter in the back of his head, a taste in his mouth from years ago. For a few seconds his mind attempts to place it. It's important. It means something to him. His limbs tense once, remembering, hoping to grasp the memory.... Read it
Characters: Jon Bon Jovi,Joe Elliott
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 01/13/07
Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,307 - Hits: 385 x17 x12 x10
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Rescuer   55 reviews
It wasn't anywhere near that simple, and Jon took a perverse pleasure in scaring away the hopefuls who weren't even close to being cut out for this job. David wouldn't last, either—he was different than the rest, but not different enough.... Read it
Characters: David Bryan,Jon Bon Jovi,Richie Sambora,Tico Torres,Joe Elliott,Phil Collen,Rick Allen,Rick Savage,Vivian Campbell
[M] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 09/30/06
Chapters: 14 - Words: 47,549 - Hits: 1,576 x90 x63 x68
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Man, this is getting so crazy! There are just so many layers being revealed all at once, and it seems like Alex just keeps digging himself into holes that he might not be able to get out of. I had a feeling there was something weird about Neil! He's just always been very vague whenever he answered one of Alex's questions, never fully giving out any information. But I've got a feeling that's going to change soon. And man, the fact that Allan doesn't know much about this is pretty crazy too...I'm wondering if he might be in trouble if he involves himself further in this, or if it's already too late for him. And when will Alex give John all the details? He still hasn't told him about the money, or even much about what he's uncovered from investigating what happened to Geddy. Involving John might put him in danger as well, though...unless he's already there, like Allan might be. And holy shit, that ending! I can't wait to see how Alex will handle THIS! Was it Neil, or does Neil just know things? Whatever it may be, I don't see how Alex can possibly get out of this...
Dalauranator, for farewelltokings's Open Secrets
I think this is a really interesting way you're taking this. Even though Eddie still did wrong to Mike, I'm glad to see there is a bigger reason behind it [not that I'm excusing his actions from the past in any way, shape, or form] but that also begs the question of what kind of trouble is Eddie in I am glad Mike and Stone finally get to be happy though. Great going and I can't wait to see more —blacksapphire, for bleed-the-sickman's Everything Was Black
Omg i loved Lars and Kirk in this chapter. Also loving how Dave is being kinda clingy to James... I could just picture all of the scenes with the two of them lol. —SheWolf, for Scumblequeen's Ghost

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