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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!A Day In The Life   4 reviews
The first day of school, as experienced by James Hetfield. ... Read it
Characters: Alice Cooper,Ozzy Osbourne,Ronnie James Dio,Robin Zander,Ronnie James Dio,Dave Grohl,Axl Rose,Duff McKagan,Izzy Stradlin,Slash,Steven Adler,Jimi Hendrix,Chris Poland,Dave Mustaine,David Ellefson,Gar Samuelson,Marty Friedman,Nick Menza,Cliff Burton,Da
[M] - Adult content - WIP - Last update: 03/15/17
Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,358 - Hits: 154 x15 x2 x6
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Things Even Out   2 reviews
Exactly how Ozzy had convinced Tony to come with him to do graffiti was something still unknown.... Read it
Characters: Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi
[M] - Finished - Last update: 12/25/16
Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,854 - Hits: 78 x4 x0 x2
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Send In The Clowns   4 reviews
In a hotel room on tour, Tony is bored and tired and missing Ozzy. He gets a bit more than he bargained for! Kisses, pillow fights and cuddles ahoy!... Read it
Characters: Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi
[S] - Finished - Last update: 12/25/15
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,137 - Hits: 358 x17 x8 x2
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I Remember You   4 reviews
A drunken one-night stand between Ozzy Osbourne and Joey Ramone leads to absolutely no regrets — but instead to words of wisdom and a realization about unrequited love.... Read it
Characters: Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 11/19/15
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,472 - Hits: 353 x18 x10 x3
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Starbreaker   3 reviews
Blackie Lawless está cautivo junto a Freddy Krueger en el planeta de los Depredadores, pero Adrián Flodden lo rescata con ayuda de Lara Croft y Terminator, sólo que su grupo se divide por una sorpresa y el viaje de regreso se complica.... Read it
Characters: Tony Iommi, Blackie Lawless
[G] - WIP - Last update: 09/23/14
Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,625 - Hits: 92 x7 x4 x1
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No Stranger to Love   0 reviews
Returning to Birmingam brings back some sinister memories for Tony's partner. Based on the No Stranger To Love video. ... Read it
Characters: Tony Iommi
[H] - Finished - Last update: 02/05/14
Chapters: 1 - Words: 586 - Hits: 431 x22 x6 x1
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Wicked World   2 reviews
Once, they were tolerated. They were at least left alone. Then it all changed, and mutants began to be hunted down and killed. For Bev and Tony, this means leaving home for good, in search of somewhere safe in a world where nowhere is safe anymore. The world turns out to be far more dangerous than they'd both realised.... Read it
Characters: Bev Bevan,Tony Iommi,Bev Bevan,Kelly Groucutt,Roy Wood,Rick Price,Roy Wood
[S] - Adult content - WIP - Last update: 09/16/12
Chapters: 5 - Words: 25,350 - Hits: 130 x5 x2 x5
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!English Da Vinci   4 reviews
Ozzy the artist muses on life and lost love.... Read it
Characters: Geezer Butler,Ozzy Osbourne,Tony Iommi
[M] - Finished - Last update: 04/01/12
Chapters: 1 - Words: 818 - Hits: 200 x9 x3 x0
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Downpour   3 reviews
Geezer explains it all.... Read it
Characters: Geezer Butler,Tony Iommi
[S] - Finished - Last update: 03/23/12
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,100 - Hits: 175 x8 x1 x1
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Color Code   1 reviews
Worst fears are momentarily realized. ... Read it
Characters: Geezer Butler,Tony Iommi
[S] - Finished - Last update: 02/23/12
Chapters: 1 - Words: 633 - Hits: 134 x3 x2 x2
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*Flexes fingers* Let’s see if I still got this….

Hello, Junior. As demented and megalomanical as ever, and dear Lord have I missed you. His sadistic amusement when he realised James was referring to Lars was simply evil. This is going even better than he anticipated, isn’t it? He’s fucking with James’ head and he’s loving every second, and James, even in such a compromising position, can only think of Lars. And God only knows where that man is right now, while James is paying this terrible price. When Junior was stroking over James’ face, I mentally prepared myself for the horrible climax I knew was inevitable, but still, I buried my hands under my armpits and winced when I read that scene. Jesus Christ. One part that got me is when James mentally begged Junior not to get up and leave him. This guy literally just broke two of his fingers, but James still sees him as some kind of protector – relative, at least, to Chris, unfeeling hunk of meat that he is. I guess when you effuse that kind of effortless power, even those you oppress come to have some sort of sick reliance on you. Brilliantly subtle on your part. “ I'll understand if you can't resist looking at me." Is it wrong that I laughed? He’s such an asshole. Oh, I love him. And I loved (and hated, too, I don’t know how you’re your characterisation has a life of its own) him even more when the whole condom thing became apparent. He’s been planning this. Of course he has. No one’s coincidentally this perfect and methodical in their villainy.

"You don't know where the fuck his asshole's been." Another guilty, slightly bemused chuckle. How about ‘he doesn’t know where your filthy cock has been’, how about that for some perspective, Chris? Huh? The following passage, where James ruminated on Cliff, and how Chris was going to contaminate him forever, brought me rather heavily back down to earth and reminded me that this is rape, one of the worst thing you can do to someone, to a character that for all his faults I actually care about. That really sobered me up, and I felt absolutely horrible for James. The double meaning of “this is all that’s left?” was another fantastic device. Chris and James’ thoughts couldn’t be more different at this point, yet they can still be summed up quite neatly by a simple yet devastating sentence. And then, that ending…wow. What a cliffhanger. I’d forgotten how much of a fantastic writer you are. —Slaxl19, for Augustine's Ain't My Bitch

Hahaha!! I squealed.. literally. Not even sorry! Chadwick ya big horndog!! I'm sure he would just LOVE to guard our little Joshies body.. among other things. Heh.. but seriously. I need more lol —CrazyInBC, for notoffkilter's Old Hollywood
Yeah, Slash, you're really the one suffering here. Get some perspective, darling, it Axl that has to deal with lady parts. You, in kind, only have to deal with some very, very confusing feelings. And I'm loving watching you squirm ;-) They needed to have this talk. They need to have another talk, too, but baby steps and was so cute to see Axl trying to figure out the logistics of where he should stand onstage to accommodate Slash's hang-ups. I have to agree with Slash: "Even when you were a son of a bitch you were a bit of a bitch." Very well said. —Slaxl19, for envygreen's Moral of the Story

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