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This chapter warms my heart so much. Also, I would pay legitimate money to watch Dave dance to Twist and Shout HA! :) You've written Dave and Charlie so well. I just love them. —rockingandwriting, for Foodislife's Don't worry
That was damn good. I'm kicking myself for having this open all day before reading it. At first, I was just going to mention how much I liked the description of the trees as the ribs of the forest body, but then I made it to the last scene. It was so surreal, and had the quality of a dream where you know everything's fucked up but it's just happening and you have no reason to think it doesn't make sense. The fluid descriptions don't give you a moment to stop and think about the absurdity so you're forced to just immerse yourself in it. Beautiful. So, I know last time I mentioned Poe, but this time I have to go for Gaiman. This is very "Game of You." —speakingez, for Highway Joe's The Violent Sound of Snow
ok so I already can't normally sleep on a good night because my brain likes to replay things that have happened since I was a fetus, couple that with the high anxiety I am blessed with and ya got yourself a hot barely functioning mess! Then I go ahead and think -I'm going to read this it proabaly isn't that bad.. I'll be aight- lol .. uh ok. This is amazing!! Literally gasped aloud when it was revealed to be Duff as the young chimney sweep.. *shudder* poor guy.. I also suffer from "situational claustrophobia" as my doc puts it.. i could feel myself tensing up and feeling like I was in there right along with him. It made me feel queasy. Then the voice below threatening to burn him? Yuck. Fire scares the shit outta me. Imagining being caught on fire stuck in an enclosed space got my mind going lol. THEN as he's trying to sleep and he hears the voice.. omg .. creepy as hell. So yeah, this will keep me up I'm betting lol. So good and I can't wait for the next chapter! :) —CrazyInBC, for Slaxl19's The Chimney-Sweep

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