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God I loved this. I'm dying for some more evil nikki. —sgSixx, for Mellon's What i'v always wanted is what i'v always had
Awe poor Duffy! I hate that they both think the other doesn't love them. It's so hard to let people in, especially those you love. Can't wait for the next chapter! —beatvegan, for Mellon's What i'v always wanted is what i'v always had
I really enjoyed the conversation between Tracii and Chris, here. Despite Chris being mad at him, the fact that he let him in and offered insight the way only a real friend would, showed just how deeply rooted their friendship really is. I also felt proud (though distrusting :/) of Tracii's rule to never accept to be involved with someone who hit him. (I have a feeling you're going to make me suffer with your next chapters, now that I've said that, lol.) I have to admit I laughed insanely at the "You got a magic dick with some people" line. =) The part where Tracii's buying meds for Steven's STD... I mean... his dog... was hilarious! :D I also loved the way you described Axl's interaction with the brunette girl, because you showed that working girls have a motherly instinct too (the way she offered to take him in and take care of him), and I also liked the way you described the morning scene through Axl's eyes - with the whole difference he perceived between walking up to a man vs. a woman. The part where Axl's standing outside the church and contemplating his childhood and the way he was brought up was a very clever use of real life facts, and I think it was a great move on your part to use it to make the beginning of the story reflect the end, thus making this chapter run full circle. Great job, as usual! ;) I can't wait to see what on earth is going to happen to Tracii next! *bites nails nervously* —DeadWidow, for Panther's Concrete Jungle Gym

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