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So many things to say but I might just email you because I'm in danger of digressing into an Icelandic saga. I love it. Well done on tackling a very difficult era in GNR-lore and challenging yourself with Axl's perspective. I know it isn't easy (hah!) and you're not Axl's biggest fan so I'm even more impressed with your sensitive and compassionate portrayal of him. I'll reserve judgment on Izzy but only because I'm in a weird headspace about Stradlin these days. Very good job.
Nexus, for sgSixx's No More Illusions
How's that ass now Nikki? —sgSixx, for Monsterzebra666's Nikki Nikki Nikki
If tommy was gay I think he would never get laid with his huge dick
sgSixx, for Monsterzebra666's Nikki Nikki Nikki

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