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Social Outcast   0 reviews
Glenn becomes stranded in New York City after heavy snowfall cancels his flight back home. Because of this, he decides to spend his time roaming the city. As he entered a diner the night of the flight cancellation, though, he meets a strange man, which of whom he deems an oddball.... Read it
Characters: Glenn Danzig,Henry Rollins
[G] - WIP - Last update: 12/07/17
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,126 - Hits: 54 x4 x4 x2
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I'm Your Killer Wolf   1 reviews
Glenn finds a girl he likes at his band's show. He acts kinda shy and sweet when he finally gets to talk to her. ... Read it
Characters: Glenn Danzig
[H] - Finished - Last update: 01/03/16
Chapters: 1 - Words: 356 - Hits: 384 x23 x15 x1
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Tricks Or Treats   4 reviews
An AU where all said bands are teens at Halloween... :D Not gonna be sexual at all (sorry guys:c), it is going to have dark humour. ... Read it
Characters: Eerie Von,Glenn Danzig,Dave Mustaine,David Ellefson,Cliff Burton,Dave Mustaine,James Hetfield,Kirk Hammett,Lars Ulrich,Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein,Dr. CHUD,Glenn Danzig,Jerry Only,Michale Graves,Dimebag Darrell,Phil Anselmo,Rex Brown,Vinnie Paul,
[G] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 10/25/14
Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,064 - Hits: 509 x22 x9 x8
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Fulfilling That Which Thou Didst Want   0 reviews
“There’s only one way to get rid of Satan, Eerie.” ... Read it
Characters: Eerie Von, Glenn Danzig
[M] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 02/12/12
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,640 - Hits: 50 x5 x1 x1
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Dolce Vita   2 reviews
I don’t believe in God, or any higher power like that who decides when to reach some invisible hand down and help people out. I believe in myself. I have no one to pray to but myself, so I guess I better get started. ... Read it
Characters: Henry Rollins, Glenn Danzig
[M] - Adult content - WIP - Last update: 02/05/12
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,455 - Hits: 99 x10 x4 x5
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!In My Head   1 reviews
Troy likes to know things about Joey. REALLY know things.... Read it
Characters: Glenn Danzig, Joey Castillo, Joey Castillo, Troy Van Leeuwen
[S] - Adult content - WIP - Last update: 02/13/08
Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,098 - Hits: 111 x10 x2 x4
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Just Another Love Song   1 reviews
It took Troy a while to learn he didn't have to change for Joey.... Read it
Characters: Glenn Danzig,Joey Castillo,Dean Fertita,Joey Castillo,Josh Homme,Michael Shuman,Natasha Schneider,Nick Oliveri,Troy Van Leeuwen
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 01/21/08
Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,386 - Hits: 93 x11 x3 x3
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Twist of Pain   6 reviews
a Danzig fic by Fiendess
Sticking his hands in his pockets, he continued on his way. A rush of footsteps made him start to turn, a hard object connecting with the side of his head before he could complete the movement. He stumbled, falling against the wall, another hard blow knocking him to the floor. Groaning, he tried to lift himself up, cursing loudly when a weight landed on his back, driving him flat.

“Told you your ass was mine.”
... Read it
Characters: Glenn Danzig, Eerie Von
[M] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 07/11/05
Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,144 - Hits: 311 x20 x3 x4
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I fücking knew that Tommy wöuldn't dö it! He wants his Nikki, nöt drünk Sikki! Büt I have tö admit: I löve fics with Sikki! He's sö sexy! Keep that ön! —Little Dreamer Lizzy, for Monsterzebra666's Keep You Out Of Trouble
Cüte Nikki ön this öne! Höw can he be süch a cinnamön röll?!?!?! He's sö defenseless and lövely! Büt Blackie is scaring me öff and Axl/Slash is sö fünny! Please, dön't förget them! —Little Dreamer Lizzy, for Monsterzebra666's Dancing On Glass
I was honestly so torn between feeling the sexy vibe or laughing because it's always funny to me when couples do customs and they actually roleplay lmao idk why. It was lovely tho ♥
Camcams44, for gingerjohnsonlee900's Saber and Wolverine

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