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Revenge of the Phantom of the Park   13 reviews
a Kiss fic by Angelgirl
Devereaux is back and is out for revenge! Two girls find themselves caught in the middle of it all, but what awaits them will effect KISS forever!... Read it
Characters: Ace Frehley,Bruce Kulick,Eric Carr,Eric Singer,Gene Simmons,Mark St. John,Paul Stanley,Peter Criss,Tommy Thayer,Vinnie Vincent
[G] - WIP - Last update: 08/10/16
Chapters: 16 - Words: 19,661 - Hits: 424 x43 x17 x59
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Guardians of Music   5 reviews
a Kiss fic by Angelgirl
This is the story of two girls trying to make it as a rock group. What happens when they encounter four warriors of Kissteria? What secrets do they have of their own? Read and find out!... Read it
Characters: Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss
[G] - Adult content - WIP - Last update: 04/18/16
Chapters: 5 - Words: 7,474 - Hits: 294 x21 x9 x24
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Oohhh's amazing story. I hope they will fix things somehow and be together.❤ waiting for next chapter❤ —jakalama, for sugercandy's Aggressive
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noooooo I wanted Janne to sleep in Alexi's bunk haha but seriously, really cute story. Very tense and hot...I would love to see Alexi as Janne's kissa —Lpgw96, for Riguel*2000's The Wild Child and the Cat

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