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House Of Disdain   112 reviews
We did everything together, no matter what the risks were. As long as it was him and I, nothing else was important... We were inseparable. But, things have changed...... Read it
Characters: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson
[S] - Adult content - WIP - Last update: 04/22/14
Chapters: 25 - Words: 37,534 - Hits: 3,129 x300 x88 x109
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Full Of Surprises   4 reviews
You'd be surprised at how a lover's attitude could change so swiftly...... Read it
Characters: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 04/20/14
Chapters: 1 - Words: 872 - Hits: 817 x35 x20 x11
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Sweeter Than Honey   8 reviews
Some short sweetness...... Read it
Characters: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson
[S] - Finished - Last update: 04/13/14
Chapters: 1 - Words: 100 - Hits: 691 x35 x18 x7
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To Sir With Love   32 reviews
Chapter 1 of 5: Young Dave has a crush on his French teacher and attempts to hide his feelings, but to no avail...... Read it
Characters: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson
[S] - Finished - Last update: 03/21/14
Chapters: 5 - Words: 10,679 - Hits: 2,102 x120 x44 x67
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A Conciliating Comfort   8 reviews
After the release of Megadeth's latest album, Dave can't escape feelings of failure...... Read it
Characters: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson
[S] - Finished - Last update: 03/18/14
Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,506 - Hits: 1,253 x43 x14 x11
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What Is This Feeling?   41 reviews
Junior is beginning to discover that he's having feelings for Dave. Will he tell Dave? And if he does, how will Dave react? Chapter 1 of 10. ... Read it
Characters: Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 02/24/14
Chapters: 10 - Words: 14,478 - Hits: 2,817 x142 x23 x121
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Go away, Nikki! Go away now! Even if you did make Axl realise his feelings, you're a creep. I'm liking this, by the way! Daxl is a very hot, sweet pairing. —starpupil, for amy.newpaths's Where do we go now?
I'm wondering what the introduction of Tracii will add to the mix? He's the one person who seems at ease with his attractions! And Izzy! WHY DID YOU WAIT WEEKS, YOU IDIOT? Who knows how the Spike / Axl thing is going by now? I really hope you're not too late. —starpupil, for BlackoutRose's Anything Goes
I'm thoroughly enjoying this - and thanks for reassuring us that the cats ate safe. I couldn't have finished the story if they ad been harmed. —Seventiessex, for Sailorhathor's Don't Open That Door

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