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One Last Kiss Goodbye   2 reviews
The Demon and the Celestial have an encounter that neither will ever forget. Elder era. 1981. Slash. Gene/Ace. ... Read it
Characters: Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons
[S] - Adult content - Finished - Last update: 01/30/12
Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,014 - Hits: 1,045 x49 x37 x8
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“So, son of diseased, elderly prostitute, what did you do to Stevie?” Awesome. I love their banter. And Axl's being gleeful about Duff, Izzy and Steven being traumatized. —envygreen, for starpupil's Progression
This is interesting N' original! I hope You continue it! I can't wait for the next chapter! —Serenity_Rose, for The_Elder's Crashing And Burning
Yep. I was right. it gets better chapter after chapter! I love your writing style! Great job so far! :D
Marys, for NWesternRockAddict's The O'Shag Chronicles: AU

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