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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!The fag hag   10 reviews
Yep, according to Slash and Duff I am their fag hag. Their best friend, their favorite drinking buddy, the one they come to for advice and unfortunately the one who gets dragged into the drama.... Read it
Characters: Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin
[S] - Finished - Last update: 07/03/05
Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,308 - Hits: 767 x45 x8 x17
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You'll need to log in to read this story. Register if you don't already have an account--it's free!Rock 'N Roll and then some...   9 reviews
Slash’s breathing became heavier. He always loved it when I whispered things in his ear. I stroked his hair and licked his ear causing him to giggle. It took everything we had to walk through the hotel and keep our hands off each other. Once we were in the elevator it was no use. Slash had his head tilted back and I was kissing his neck.
... Read it
Characters: Slash, Scott Weiland
[S] - Adult content - WIP - Last update: 03/26/05
Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,592 - Hits: 537 x35 x6 x8
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Gotta say, I really like your Matt. I think you've really captured the essence of him as a person and I like the way you write young Ben, as well. —Luftballons, for notoffkilter's Congratulations
This story really touched me. I'm such a sucker for a meeting-your-crush/idol het fantasy like this one, and I just thought it was wonderful and I enjoyed your writing style. The last line, "It remained forever" really got me. Oh, wouldn't such a situation be so great, it gives me the chills. Thanks for sharing.
Pigatron, for British_Daydreamer's Love And Reasonings
This Yngwie is an interesting fellow. You did such a nice job of describing his thoughts about Joe as he watched the video, what he'd like to do to him, and why. I must say I identify with Yngwie's situation here, because really, who hasn't been, well, ah, moved in such a way from watching a music video, haha. —Pigatron, for BaronZemo's Can't Break Away From Your Spell

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